Build Your Own Fire: 7 DIY Fire Pit Tutorials

7 DIY Firepit Tutorials | #outdoor #diy #firepit #backyard


Create a summer full of memories with your family by building a fire pit in your backyard! From roasting marshmallows with your kids to drinking wine with your significant other outside, a fire pit will be a wonderful addition to your outdoor living space. Here are 7 great fire pit tutorials for you to try. They range from really easy to fairly labor intensive, so you’re sure to find one that will work perfectly for you. Just be sure to check your local fire pit regulations before you begin building!


1. Modern Concrete Fire Pit

Grab a bag of concrete mix, a mold (a large bowl works) to create the shape of your fire pit, and rocks that can withstand fire. Put in gel fireplace fuel canisters and you’ve got a DIY fire pit that’s very easy to light up and easy on the eyes.




2. Semi-DIY Fire Pit

If you like the idea of DIY but don’t have a lot of time or skills, this fire pit project is for you. First, buy a very simple fire pit and then add landscaping bricks around it to make it look more of a part of your outdoor landscape. The landscaping bricks aren’t just for aesthetics — they make the store-bought fire pit safer since it can’t be tipped over by a wayward toddler or an adult who’s not paying attention. Anyone can do this project!


3. DIY Fire Pit Corner

Do you have a corner in your backyard that is always muddy and won’t grow grass? Designate it as a fire pit corner and add pea gravel around a DIY fire pit made with pavers and constructive adhesive.



4. DIY Fire Pit Tutorial Video

This video is very clear and shows you exactly what you need to do to build a fire pit with pavers, pea gravel, and a grill plate. It also shows how to make “legs” for the grill plate using rebars and hose clamps. Even if you decide not to make this particular fire pit, the video is worth watching just to get a clearer picture of how to build fire pits in general.


5. Steel Fire Pit

This great DIY fire pit is made with sheets of gauge hot rolled steel, welded together. If you know how to weld or know someone who does, this project looks easy enough to pull together!



6. Glass Fire Pit

This is a gorgeous glass DIY fire pit built with glass frames, silicone caulk, and a metal planter! Put your beautiful creation on an outdoor table and enjoy the flickering flames reflecting off the glass.



7. Square Stone Fire Pit

There are so many stone fire pit tutorials on the web, but not that many square DIY fire pits. If you like the idea of a square fire pit, which can look more modern than the traditional round shape, this is a great tutorial for you!



As a bonus, here’s a great idea: paint the tops of cut logs with glow in dark paint and use them as seating around your fire pit. Love it. And here’s another DIY fire pit project done with a fire pit kit, as well as a DIY curved seat wall. So good.


Featured image courtesy of The Art of Doing Stuff.

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