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After a long day there is nothing better than curling up in a comfy bed. A bed that is styled with great looking pillows and has sheets that feel just right to slip into, can sometimes make all the difference in getting a good night sleep. Follow these seven tips to make a bed that will be the perfect place to catch some Zs.


  1. Start with the sheets Get as high a quality as you can afford. But keep in mind, that while your grandmother might have sworn by thread count, that doesn’t really matter as much anymore. (Now some company’s twist the fibers, which results in a higher thread count.) The best gauge now is the type of cotton that the bed sheets are made from. Look for Supima or Egyptian to get the most high quality sheets. Since these are long-staple cottons, the sheets made from these threads are much softer.


  1. Pick your temperature. Some people like to be warm in bed, and others need it to be a little cool to sleep. Selecting a certain texture can make all the difference. For cool sheets select percale weave and for that warm feeling go with a sateen.


  1. Make sure you get the right bed sheets for your mattress. With newer mattresses with pillow tops and other padding, this can add to the thickness. Be sure to check at the store the sizing on the packing of the sheets so you will get the right fit. And to prevent the sheets from “riding up”, look for those with elastic all the way around instead of just at the corners.


  1. Take care of your bed sheets so they will last. Wash them at least once or twice a week in cold water. Using too hot of water will break down the fibers. Run the sheets in the dryer until they are still slightly damp, and then hang them to finish drying to avoid the fiber damage that over drying can cause. If you can, putting them out for several minutes in the sun can give your sheets a nice fresh scent. Bonus is the sun is a natural disinfectant.


  1. Add the right cover to the bed. It is always a dilemma…do you go with a comforter or a duvet? It probably just boils down to personal preference. Whatever you choose, this is the place to tie the bed into the rest of the decor of the room. Beside the curtains, this will be the one place with the most fabric used in the room, the pattern and color you pick for the bed coverings will probably set the mood for the whole space.


  1. Top off the bed with pillows. Here is the place you can add some fun. Besides the pillows that you will actually use when sleeping, add euro pillows in a pattern or color that complements the bed coverings. Next, add two or three decorative pillows in either a square or rectangle shape, plus a bolster will finish the look. With the decorative pillows, pick ones that add an additional accent color, fun pattern, or new texture while still fitting with the décor of the room.


  1. Enjoy your newly made bed and get a good night sleep!


For more inspiration on a well put together bed, check out these bedrooms and these bedrooms.


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