30+ Clever IKEA Hacks for the Perfect Playroom

Time to makeover the playroom with these 30+ Clever IKEA Hacks for the Playroom featured on Remodelaholic.com

Oh, IKEA.  How we love you.  You always have just what we didn’t know we needed, be it a $3 stool or a small crate of soft felt vegetables.  And let’s not forget the meatballs… Sometimes, however, you might go to IKEA with a plan in mind (shocking, I know).  And today’s plan is to update that playroom.  Believe it or not,IKEA has more for your playroom than tiny tables and wooden easels.  There are so manyIKEA hacks that can make your playroom really pop – unique storage solutions, clever dual-use items, money-saving furniture flips – sometimes it’s overwhelming!  But the following 30 IKEA hacks are the perfect place to start – for boys, girls, young or a little older, we’ve got you covered.

30+ Clever IKEA Hacks for the Perfect Playroom

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It’s true this particular bookcase turned mudroom isn’t in a playroom – but imagine it as a wardrobe for dress-ups!  Add a little mirror and it would be the perfect dress up space! // Mini Mudroom // Shabby Creek Cottage



This floating shelf with the attached rail is a great idea with a ton of applications!  Use it for dress-up clothes!  Hang kids artwork from curtain hooks!  Drape paper back books over it! // Wardrobe Shelf // Apartment Therapy



Hang a spice rack upside down, and you’ve got the same idea as above, but a space-saver version! // Spice Rack Wardrobe // IKEA Share Space



Here’s another great idea for the wooden spice rack – use it to corral books. // Spice Rack Bookshelves // Carolina Charm



And if that isn’t your cup of tea, a picture ledge can be used as a book ledge instead! // Picture Ledge Bookshelves // The Sweetest Digs



Know what else you can store on a picture ledge?  Mini trains!  This would probably work well for cars too.  Picture Ledge Train Storage // Stacy’s Savings



By a few knife racks to make this car storage.  Add a few low-profile magnets to plastic cars, or just pop your metal cars up there! // Magnetic Car Storage // Keeping Up With The Souths



If you’ve got a little more room, you could turn a shoe shelf into a multi-level parking garage. // Shoe Shelf Turned Garage // Ikea Hackers



Who knew a plastic bag holder could be so versatile?  Hang it on a wall, bookcase or in this case a bed, for weapons storage. // Plastic Bag Dispenser turned Weapons Holster // Jaime Costiglio


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IKEA buckets are so cheap and versatile it’s almost necessary to stock up whenever you go!  This bucket organizer is perfect for keeping odds and ends all tidy and together.  Store art supplies, legos, magnets, and so much more! // Ikea Bucket Organizer // Remodelaholic



Looking for something you can easily hide away under a couch or bed in your playroom?  You can put a large drawer on casters. // Under-bed Storage // Grill Designs


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What’s your favorite IKEA item to hack?  

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