30+ Tutorials for DIY Wall Shelves

Tired of the same old drab, big box store shelves?  Looking for something with more personality?  DIY those wall shelves!  You can add so much character and style to your home with the right shelves.  When you make them yourself, you’re able to customize to get just the right size, fit and look.  Want something rustic?  Eclectic?  Modern?  Traditional? Well, we’ve got DIY shelving ideas – big and small – for any style home.  Here are some of our favorites.

Add some extra storage with wall shelves. Try one of our featured 30+ DIY shelving ideas for any space featured on remodelaholic.com

30+ DIY Shelving Ideas & Tutorials

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Or maybe try some old drawers for another unique shelf idea.

Drawer Shelves // Shades of Grey for Remodelaholic

Recycle crates by hanging them right on the wall for some clever storage.


Hanging Crate Shelves // Inspired By Charm

Here’s a modern twist on the swing-style rope shelves – using fun hardware and black rope gives it a fresh new look.

Hanging Shelves 1506255

Rope Shelves // Lemon Thistle on Remodelaholic

Another fun floating rope idea with more of a nautical twist.

Nautical Rope Shelves Tableandhearth 28

Nautical Rope Shelves // Table + Hearth for Remodelaholic

Or, use skinny leather to brace your shelves.  If you’re displaying lightweight items, you can use the picture hanger hack here too.

DIY Shelves With Leather Brackets

Wood and Leather Hanging Shelves // Designer Trapped

This coastal shelf is a great use of natural elements.

DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

Hanging Driftwood Shelf // Sustain My Craft Habit

The circle shape in this hanging shelf gives it an updated look.

Succulent Garden 22 Of 26

Circular Rope Shelf // Place of My Taste

Add a ton of interest to your room with simple ledge shelves.  An easy solution for displaying photos, pictures, quotes, etc.

DIY Picture Ledge Shelf. Coastal Cottage With Nautical Style.

Simple Picture Ledge Shelves // Fox Hollow Cottage

This plate rack shelf is pure genius – and you could reimagine it in a playroom or bedroom as the perfect solution for books and smaller toys.

Ana White Botg Cabin12

Plate Rack Shelf // Ana White

Shelving systems built in unique shapes – like this tree – add a ton of interest to a space.


Tree Bookshelf // Better When Built

Don’t miss these Beautiful Shelving Ideas!

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More great ideas:

2x4 ShelvesShelving Hacks


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