4 Messy Hairstyles

4 Messy Hairstyles
The messy look is really in right now. The advantage of the messy look is it doesn’t have to be the perfect looking hairstyle, and most are quick and easy to do. But there is a fine line between untidy and just right. These 4 hairstyles will keep you looking great.

Classic Messy Bun

If there was a classic messy hairstyle this would be it. Simply wrap hair into a quick twisted bun, and hold together with an elastic band. Letting a few hairs fall out will add to the look.

A Pretty Yet Messy Up Do

This one takes a little more effort, but you end up with a great hairstyle that still has that messy, relaxed look. Gather the sides of the hair up and back and pin into place. Section the rest of the hair into four pieces and twist each section of hair into a knot. Secure with two bobby pins through the middle of each knot in an X shape for extra stability. Position hair so that none of the bobby pins will show. Finish the look with hairspray to keep it all in place.

Braided Un-Do

This one is perfect for that casual, messy look, yet still keeping hair back and out of the way. Braid hair from top to bottom, securing at the end with an elastic band. Take a hair pick and pull a few strands of hair out from each section of the braid. Also, make sure a few pieces of hair fall around the face to frame it.

Partway Ponytail with Flare

This one is quick and easy, the perfect messy hairstyle. Pull hair back into a ponytail and start to secure with an elastic band. But do not pull the ponytail all the way through, leaving it in a half loop. Let the ends of the hair flare out.


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  1. Those are some amazing messy hairstyles, Frances!! Love all of them… will definitely try one or two of these!! Thanks for sharing!!