4 Tips to Get the Haircut You Want

Hair are four tips to better communicate with the hair stylist and get the haircut you want. 4 Tips to Get the Haircut You Want via @tipsaholic #haircut #hairstyle #hair #hairitis

4 Tips to Get the Haircut You Want

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You walk into the hair salon ready to get a new hair cut. You want something that will be sophisticated and stylish. Instead, you end up with a look that is nothing like what you originally wanted. What went wrong? Often it comes down to the difficulty of communicating with your hair stylist the exact kind of hair style look you imagine. With a few changes though, this can be fixed. Here are four tips to get the haircut you want.

  1. Find a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, it is definitely true. Look around for different images in magazines, on blogs, etc. and find a picture of someone with a hair style that is similar to the cut you want. It might take a few photos to convey what you are after. Perhaps you want the bangs of one person’s style, but the layers of another. Bring all of this into the salon and show them to the hair stylist before they start cutting.
  2. Know the lingo. Make sure that when you say for example “layers” to your hair stylist that it is getting the message that you want across. Do a little research, and find out a few hair styling terms. Perhaps, in this example, it would be better to say “long layers”, “choppy layers” or “layers that give the hair movement”. They all mean different things to the hair stylist, so talking the same language could help them know more specifically what hair cut you want.
  3. Determine the commitment level. Once you communicate the hair cut you want, ask how much work each day it will take to get the look back to salon ready. What styling products are needed, and what exactly needs to be done to help your hair keep its shape? Will the final cut be versatile for different looks or not, and can you pull the hair back into a ponytail if needed? Once you know what you are getting into, there will still be time to make a few adjustments in the plan, before the stylist makes the first cut.
  4. Trust the expert. You might want a certain look, but your stylist might know that with your hair texture or your current hair length, there is a good chance that it won’t turn out as expected. Also, they might be able to suggest a small change that would look better with your face shape. Listen to your hair stylist’s advice, especially if you have built up a good relationship, and be prepared to make a few adjustments to your vision if needed.

Now that you have followed these four tips to getting the hair cut you want, sit back and get ready for your new look.


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