Fun and Easy Halloween Party Treats

5 Quick and Easy Halloween Party Treats via Tipsaholic

Anyone can give out candy bars or boxes of raisins on Halloween (but if you have raisins, I’m skipping your house – just sayin’). Use these 5 ideas to quickly and easily turn ordinary fodder into a memorable Halloween party treat with just a little effort and creativity.

5 Easy Halloween Party Treats via Tipsaholic

Halloween S’mores

Place one ghost-shaped marshmallow Peep, one fun-size chocolate bar and two graham crackers into a sandwich bag for an individual DIY s’mores kit kids will love.


Scary Popcorn Hands

Buy a box of clear plastic gloves (the kind used in cafeterias and restaurants). Put a candy corn in each finger and then fill with popcorn or caramel corn. Tie off the top with black and orange ribbon.

Candy Broomsticks

Push a small pretzel stick into the bottom of a mini peanut butter cup – looks just like a tiny edible broomstick!


Witch Hat Cookies

Turn a striped fudge cookie upside down so the fudge-coated bottom is showing. Put a dollop of orange or green icing in the center and press an unwrapped chocolate kiss into the icing so the colored icing is flattened out.


Tootsie Pop Ghosts

Drape a white paper napkin over the top of a Tootsie Pop. Gather the napkin in to the stick and tie off with black and orange ribbon. Use a black marker to make eyes and a mouth on your “Tootsie ghost.” To serve, poke the sticks into a piece of styrofoam.


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