16 Best Garage Organization Tools

Organizing the garage can seem a daunting spring cleaning task. Simplify your decluttering and keep the shop tidy with these smart garage organization tools for bikes, shoes, bins, and more. 

The garage is often a problem area for even the most organized homeowners. Luckily, there’s a lot of great garage organization tools out there that can help you whip your garage into shape and make it possible to use the space for whatever you need it for: a workroom, a gym, or even just a place to park the car.

Naturally, you’ll probably need some shelves, some cabinets, and lots of storage bins in all sizes and shapes to pack up and organize a lot of stuff that you keep in the garage. But let’s move beyond that and see what other garage organization tools are out there and which ones will fit your needs.

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16 Best Garage Organization Tools

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Is your garage overflowing with storage bins? Clear some space by putting your storage bins up on an overhead storage rack. This rack can hold up to 600 pounds — that’s a lot of Christmas decor that you can put away!

overhead storage rack
Bike Rack

There are so many different garage organization solutions for bikes that the best product for you depends on how many bikes you have and how you want to store your bikes.

If you’re short on space in your garage, this freestanding bike rack will hold two bikes without anything having to be mounted on the wall or ceiling. However, you can still mount it to the wall if you want to thanks to an optional mounting bolt that’s included.

freestanding bike rack

Have several bikes to store in your garage? Try this bike storage rack that can hold six bikes.

bike storage rack

Want to get your bikes up to the ceiling? Consider this ceiling mount bike rack that has a sliding design that allows you to hold up to four bikes. You can slide the bikes around when it’s time to take one out for a ride and then push them together when they’re all hung up to save on space.

ceiling mount bike rack

Portable Tool Tower Rack

Do you have a lot of long tools, like rakes, brooms, and shovels? This portable tool tower rack can hold over 40 tools in a compact space. It’s easy to assemble and can be moved around on casters. Instead of taking up prime wall space in your garage with a mounted tool tower rack, this portable garage organization tool gives you some flexibility in your garage space planning.

Portable Tool Tower Rack

Recycling Bin Cart

recycle bin cart

Depending on where you live, you might have one large recycling bin that holds everything from plastic jugs to newspapers, or you might have separate recycling bins for sorting recycling items. If you have the latter, this recycling bin cart will help get all of your bins off the floor. Best of all, it’s on wheels, so you can move it around as needed and easily haul it off to the curb when it’s trash pick-up time.

Wall-Mounted Garage Utility Vacuum

A utility vacuum or a shopvac is a good addition to a garage, especially one that’s used as a workroom. A good vacuum will suck up all the dust and debris that a garage can accumulate over time. But here’s a garage organizing idea: buy a wall-mounted utility vacuum to save floor space. This garage utility vac has a thirty feet hose that can reach every spot in your garage and comes with a pouch to hold all the tools that come with the vacuum. You can hang up the pouch next to the vacuum, all nice and organized.

garage utility vacuum

Small Storage Cabinet

Every garage has tiny items that need to be organized: bolts, screws, hooks, nails, and the like. Or maybe you’ve got crafting items in your garage that need a home: ribbons, beads, etc. Get a storage cabinet that comes with many small compartments so you can organize it all. This 39-compartment storage cabinet will do the job, as well as this 44-drawer cabinet that comes in black or red. Determine how many drawers you need and grab the right cabinet for your garage!

storage cabinet

Mesh Triple Storage Bin

This mesh storage bin is divided into three compartments, resistant to mold and mildew, and is portable thanks to its caster wheels, making this a great garage organization tool. Use it to hold your family’s sporting equipment and simply wheel it out of the garage when you or the kids are ready to play.

mesh storage bin

Magnetic Tool Holder

Many small tools are metal, making this magnetic tool holder a really easy way to organize your tools in your garage. Simply mount it on a garage wall and put up your most used tools. They’ll be easy to find and equally as easy to put away.

magnetic tool holder

Jumbo Storage Dispenser

Do you have giant bags of dog food, bird feed, charcoal, or rock salt piled up in your garage? Organize it all in this jumbo storage dispenser. Get rid of the bags and put it all in the dispenser and simply pull the level to let out what you need into a smaller container, like a bowl for your dog. Buy several for different items and line them up nicely on a wall in your garage.

storage dispenser

Pegboard Tool Organizer

Pegboards are popular in garages, and this great pegboard kit takes the extra step of providing you all that you need to make your peg board functional. The steel pegboard is very strong, making it capable to hold more tools than conventional pegboards. It comes with a shelf, three plastic bins, 15 hooks and brackets, a hammer holder, and a screwdriver holder.

pegboard organizer
Mobile Sliding Tool Box

There are so many tool boxes for you to choose from to use as a garage organization tool, but if you wanted one that’s mobile so you can take it wherever you’re working on your next DIY project, this sliding tool box will be perfect for your needs. It can hold large hand tools in the bottom compartment, smaller tools in the sliding compartments, and tiny bits and pieces in the smaller bins at the very top. It’s on wheels so you can move it to different areas in your garage with ease.

sliding tool box
Multipurpose Wheelbarrow

While this wheelbarrow won’t exactly organize your garage for you, buying multipurpose tools like this one will reduce the number of tools you have in the garage, making it easier to keep clean and organized. Instead of buying and storing a wheelbarrow, a dolly, and a bag holder, this multipurpose wheelbarrow does it all in one nice package. It’s a wheelbarrow that feels light even when you’re hauling 200 pounds of landscape materials, a dolly that can carry up to 300 pounds, and an extended dolly that helps you lug bulky items. It’ll also help you move plant pots, rocks, buckets, water tanks, and even hold your plastic bags open as you clean up your lawn of leaves or trash. Plus, check out the snow shovel plow attachment! When you’re done, it folds up nicely and you can hang it up on hooks on a garage wall.

mulltipurpose wheelbarrow

Cord and Hose Hugger

You can hang up your cords and hoses on hooks on the walls, but sometimes they come undone and become a tangled mess. Organize all of your long cords and hoses with this heavy-duty hugger cord wrap. There’s a handle at top for you to easily carry it around and hang it on a hook.

hose hugger

Hanging Shoe Organizer

The versatile hanging shoe rack isn’t only good for organizing shoes. It’s an economical solution to organize some of the odds and ends in your garage, from spray paint cans to electrical cords.

shoe organizer

Label Machine

Puzzled to see this tool on this list? Well, a well-organized garage has lots of bins packed away. Make it easy to find what you need when you need it by labeling every bin and basket with a label maker. This label machine can print out labels in 14 different fonts and in different sizes, making it a great buy.

label maker

Precision Parking Guides

Afraid that you might bump into your new garage organization tools when parking your car in the garage? These nifty parking guides will help you put your car in the right spot every time. So, go ahead and add more shelves, you won’t crash into them when you have these parking guides.

For high-tech garage parking help, check out this laser parking guide that mounts on the garage ceiling. 

parking guide

These garage organization tools will help you finally organize your garage and all of your stuff. What other garage organization tools do you have your eye on?

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