8 DIY Garage Door Updates

DIY Garage Door Makeovers @Remodelaholic

On the list of the many necessary and not always pretty things in life, garage doors rank pretty high. I’d put them up there with laundry rooms, although laundry rooms have lots more options to update them! When it comes to curb appeal, there are plenty of ideas to start with, but a large feature like your garage door can really cramp your style if you’re trying to really change up your home’s exterior. But a boring garage door can still be remedied, and fairly inexpensively with these DIY garage door update ideas.

8 Ways to Give Your Garage Door a Makeover

Paint + Glaze

Larissa gave her garage door this faux wood carriage look using just paint! Tutorial here.


Gel Stain

You can use it on stairs and shutters… and also garage doors! Check it out at Domestically Speaking.

faux wood garage door using gel stain - Domestically Speaking

Wood Overlay

Even though it’s been a few years, I still love this tutorial for adding wood to your garage door to make it look like a carriage door.

updated wood garage door DIY @Remodelaholic

Faux Painted Hardware

A fancy look… for just a few bucks and some time to paint! Details here from Forever Decorating.

faux painted carriage door garage

DIY Carriage Hardware

The Sunset Lane added new house numbers, and then used a free-or-cheap material to fake the look of carriage door straps — paint stir sticks!

$5 DIY garage door update - faux hinges using paint stir sticks - The Sunset Lane

Faux Painted Windows

Make the place feel cozier with faux garage door windows, like A Pinterest Addict painted.

faux painted windows - garage door makeover - A Pinterest Addict

Add Trim to Windows

Make the garage door windows into architectural features by adding trim to create additional panes

Pretty Handy Girl

add grilles to garage door windows Pretty Handy Girl

4 Men 1 Ladygarage door makeover adding trim to windows 4Men1Lady

Paint + Wood

You coudl do this in a solid color or really any color you can dream up — General Splendour used a combination of lightweight wood planks and paint to update her garage door. PS: those windows are fake, too.

painted and raised panel garage door facelift - General Splendour

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Lots of ways to update flat doors 🙂

diy ways to update flat doors @Remodelaholic

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  1. I have to clean tge insides of our garage, and do something to the door, thanks to you, I know exactly what to do. You rock!!!