Top 10 Reasons To Try Stress Away Essential Oil

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Stress Away Essential Oil blend is a unique and important part of your essential oil arsenal.  It’s meant to combat the normal stresses that crop up during everyday life.  With a natural blend of vanilla and lime, the scent is refreshing and pleasant, but these ingredients also promote relaxation.  Copaiba and lavender combine to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium and other natural ingredients, including cedarwood, reduce nervous tension and feelings of anxiousness.  With this description alone, it’s easy to see why this oil can quickly become an important household tool, but here are even more reasons to try Stress Away.


1. Everyone worries.  It’s a fact of life, and completely unavoidable.  Everyone experiences feelings of anxiousness, nervousness and worry.  Everyone.  Stress Away can significantly reduce these feelings, leaving you with a calmer demeanor as you approach your day to day tasks.


2. Workplace frustration.  Whether your workplace is your home or in an office, there’s bound to be tension and frustration from time to time.  Conflicts with coworkers or bosses, stressful deadlines, difficult tasks and long hours are only a few causes.  Wear a little Stress Away on your wrists or diffuse it into your office and you’ll feel more peaceful when at work.


3. Stress can cause pain.  Experts agree, prolonged stress can have physical manifestations.  Stress causes muscle tension, which can lead to tension headaches and migraines, achey muscles, sore back and shoulders and many other hard to deal with pains.  Using Stress Away daily can relax those tense muscles, calm aches and pains, and give you a feeling of ease.


4. Kids.  Need I say more?  Just kidding.  But seriously, kids can have crabby days, too.  And even on their best days kids can become testy and fussy.  Stress Away is the perfect remedy when kids start bickering.  Calm the crankies in no time by diffusing Stress Away at home during periods of known frustration.


5. Occasional high-stress situations.  Everyday stress is one thing, but everyone experiences occasional periods of even higher stress.  For events like interviews, being in the spotlight, giving a speech, or meeting people for the first time, Stress Away can create a a much appreciated feeling of peaceful calm.  It also reduces mental rigidity and helps you to feel less anxious.  Dab it on before you leave or use a diffusing locket when you go.


6. Painful PMS symptoms.  If you’re plagued with feelings of irritability, unease and anxiousness, along with cramping muscles once a month, Stress Away is a must have.  Calm those clenched muscles and uplift your overall mood by using it topically or drinking it with some water.


7. Your teeth and jaw will thank you.  If you suffer from clenched jaw and grinding teeth – even while you sleep – Stress Away can help in a major way.  Dab some behind your ears and on your temples for more relaxed facial muscles and ease your soreness.


8. Happy travels.  Car rides can be anything but peaceful.  First, there’s the stress of other drivers and traffic in general.  Add to that any other people in the car, kids or pets and the anxiety of travel grows exponentially.  Calm crankiness by diffusing Stress Away through your air vents.  Kids and parents alike will benefit from the calming affects and travel will be a breeze.


9. Calmer pets.  Help your pets feel more at ease when going to the vet or traveling in a plane or car.  Pets get anxious and nervous as well, and by simply applying just a drop or two topically, you can help them feel more at ease at unpleasant times.


10. Overall balance.  Restore some much needed equilibrium in your life.  Your mental balance will improve with daily use of Stress Away – along with all of the great physical and emotional benefits.


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