DIY Reclaimed Wood Longitude-Latitude Sign

Easy DIY rustic reclaimed wood latitude-longitude sign -- personalize it with your home or other important coordinates, like where you were married

Hey Remodelaholics! Today I’m sharing a quick and simple project, which is the name of the game around Everyday Enchanting these days! Since my previous post we welcomed a baby girl, so I don’t have as much time for big projects like I used to- but I still enjoying making things for our home.I am working on the decor portion of our mudroom, and I knew I wanted an antique-look sign for the blank wall. This DIY reclaimed longitude/latitude sign fit the bill perfectly!

How to Make a Rustic Longitude-Latitude Sign

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Before

It all started with a 11.5 x 36″ board. My dad is an arborist (tree guy) and has boards milled out every so often, so I like to “shop” his barn for pieces. I love the saw marks and character that rough cut wood always has. It isn’t truly old or “reclaimed”, but it has a lot of the same characteristics. It’s also free… which really can’t be beat!

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign- Rough Cut Pine Board with Saw Marks

We lightly sanded the board down with 80-grit sandpaper. I didn’t want to remove the saw marks or the patina.

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Rough Cut Pine Board with Minwax Early American Stain
Next I gave it a coat of stain- Early American by Minwax. It brought out the colors beautifully! I wiped it away quickly because the wood was dry and thirsty and I didn’t want the board to be too dark.

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Taping a Sign off for stenciling
After drying came the stenciling part. First I taped off a straight edge at 5″ from the top, and another 5″ below that. I discovered I was out of painters tape, but the scotch tape worked out fine!

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Designing a Stencil in Photoshop

Next I googled the longitude and latitude of our favorite vacation spot.  I typed them into a photoshop document sized to 8.5 x 11″. I used the “Pottery Barn” font, and sized it to 4″ tall- or 350 pts. As you can see, I tried to maximize paper usage.

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Laying out the numbers.

After printing, I cut out the pieces of the numbers and arranged them in order.

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Tracing the numbers.
The next step only really worked out because this was pine, which is a soft wood. I traced the outline of numbers with a pencil, pressing down, which left an imprint of the number in the wood. The grain of the wood naturally pulled the pencil in certain directions, so it wasn’t precise. Also, if you were using hardwood, you would have to cut out a stencil with a machine like a Silhouette, or purchase number stencils.


After I left an imprint of every number, I began to paint using some leftover white chalk paint. I chose chalk paint because it’s thicker, and watery paint would have absorbed into the wood grain. Even the chalk paint absorbed quite a bit!

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Painting the numbers.
I outlined the numbers first, then filled that in with paint. I was intentionally going for a rustic look, so I wasn’t too worried about making it perfect. If you like a more streamlined look it would be better to have a completely sanded board and a classic stencil.

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Finished Painted Letters

This method was a little bit more time consuming than a stencil, but ultimately still a quick project. I was going for “free” by using what I had on hand, and I succeeded!

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign| Finished Sign

I am so happy with how it turned out! It’s the perfect rustic accent for our mudroom and reminds us of a favorite family spot!

DIY Reclaimed Longitude/Latitude Sign -- so cute for personalizing your home decor



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