15+ Ways to Use IKEA’s SOCKER Cheap Metal Buckets

cheap metal IKEA bucket organizer

These cheap metal buckets at IKEA (part of the SOCKER line of planters) have always held that “inexpensive and versatile” allure — I mean, they cost around a buck but are bigger than most dollar store or dollar section offerings, so what’s not to love? But our love for those buckets kicked into high gear when our amazing contributor Corey made this easy peasy bucket organizer awhile back. It’s great for a planter (think herb garden!)


or as an organizer for the bathroom

Ikea Storage Sawdust2stitches for remodelaholic bathroom vanity

or a cutlery organizer for a party or BBQ

Ikea Pail Organization Sawdust2stitches for remodelaholic

And on top of that, they’d make a great gift idea! Just put some favorite treats or goodies in the SOCKER buckets, and you’ve got a great teacher gift, housewarming idea, or any occasion gift. Be sure to check out the full building tutorial here to make your own bucket organizer. 

Desktop Organizer Sawdust2stitches for remodelaholic

But these cheap metal buckets can be used in so many more ways, too! They are a great IKEA hack item! So we gathered up a few more of our favorites for you to enjoy these super affordable SOCKER plant pots. 

These cheap metal buckets from IKEA's SOCKER line are SO versatile to hack into organizers, lights, and more. Great for organizing every room in the house, too!

High impact kitchen art without breaking the budget? Try a wall of planters like these Cassity saw at our local home show — just a board and some planters, and the letters between the two rows are a perfect finishing touch!

easy wall of herbs made from cheap IKEA buckets via @remodelaholic 5 easy wall of herbs made from cheap IKEA buckets via @remodelaholic 2

These buckets were meant to be planters, so in keeping with the plant theme, Ciburbanity used some simple macrame magic to make these hanging planters for her porch (be sure to check out her video that shows how easy it is!)

easy macrame hanging planters with cheap IKEA metal buckets by Ciburbanity

If your style leans even more boho, add some beads for a fun hanging planter by Be Frenchie

IKEA SOCKER metal bucket turned hanging planter by BeFrenchie

There’s power in numbers, but it can also be pricey to get that many plant pots, so these cheap metal buckets are a great solution for a high-impact vertical planter like this one at Cape 27

vertical planter using cheap metal buckets from IKEA, by Cape 27

IKEA’s metal buckets are also lightweight, a great solution for a hanging planter (via Mi Llave Allen).

vertical hanging garden pots with a portable closet and inexpensive metal bucket planters from IKEA via millaveallen

I’ve spent a lot of time checking out these buckets, but I never noticed they make a specific plant stand for them! (via IKEA) It makes a great room divider for inside or out, with flowers or herbs,

This inexpensive IKEA plant stand is great for a room divider, inside or outside

also great storage for art supplies or small kitchen and bath items (via IKEA). 

Use IKEA SOCKER metal buckets for art supply or kitchen or bath storage for small items

And if the cheap metal buckets are too shiny for your liking, you can quickly give them the appearance of age with this easy tutorial from A Home to Grow Old In

how to age cheap metal buckets for an herb garden, by A Home To Grow Old In

This idea is so brilliant! We found this organizer via Pinterest, original source unknown — but it’s so simple I’m smacking myself for not thinking of it. Just grab a lazy susan turntable, some magnets, and a few cheap buckets to make a great art supply organizer for kids or a craft room. This could also be a great condiment station at a barbecue or picnic. 

use a lazy susan and magnets with cheap metal buckets from IKEA to make a great craft supply organizer for the kids @Remodelaholic

This is actually a different product (via Save on Crafts) but I love the idea of a bucket with a chalk marker label for utensils at a picnic or party. 

use inexpensive metal buckets to hold utensils for a party or wedding reception via Save On Crafts


It’s easy to hack these inexpensive buckets to hang on a pegboard, like Grillo Designs did for her son’s room. 
use IKEA buckets and wall rails on a pegboard for a kids art station by Grillo Designs

And buckets are a perfect match for an IKEA wall rail, like these at Polished Habitat. These particular buckets aren’t from IKEA but if you need to add a handle…

use inexpensive buckets and a wall storage rail for craft room storage, Polished Habitat

just drill a couple of holes and add some string or rope! Don’t these look so cute hung on cabinet knobs in Christina’s Adventures‘ art station? (And did you see that she used a drawer pull to hold the chalk for the chalkboard table? So easy!) 

add rope handles to IKEA buckets for storage in a kids art station by Christina's Adventures

These similar (and also IKEA) buckets make for great bathroom storage at 11 Magnolia Lane — one for each kid is perfect! 

IKEA hanging metal buckets for bathroom storage, 11 Magnolia Lane

If you’re really ready to light up the room (I am so punny I crack myself up) you can use the SOCKER plant bucket as the base for a cool lamp (via IKEA Hackers)

Easy IKEA metal bucket (SOCKER) hack into a small table lamp via IKEAHackers

or a pendant light (via IKEA Hackers)

IKEA SOCKER metal bucket turned pendant lamp via ikeahackers

or patio lights (via IKEA Hackers) — these could be cute over a desk or reading corner, too!

patio lights made from cheap metal buckets from IKEA via ikeahackers

And why not combine the buckets with a solar stake light to make a solar lantern? (via IKEA Hackers)

solar lantern from a solar light and IKEA metal bucket via ikeahackers


Now that we’ve gotten the gears turning, how will you hack the SOCKER next? 

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  1. Such awesome ideas! And that bucket is so cheap! I love, love, LOVE the idea of putting markers in them for a kid’s room! I’ll definitely have to remember that for when Lilly is old enough to color! (Without making a huge mess anyway.)

  2. I plan to create a herb garden in pots, this summer. I love these creative ways to hang herb/plants. Thanks fir sharing