6 Best IKEA Hack Furniture Pieces

Which are the best IKEA hack furniture pieces? Our top 6 hack-able choices are sturdy and versatile so you can DIY an upgrade to make custom storage and furniture on an IKEA budget! 

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The Best IKEA Hack Furniture for DIYers

IKEA has some great furniture pieces that are super versatile… but can IKEA furniture be modified? YES! Many IKEA products are perfect for making your own statement piece with easy IKEA hacks.

Looking for good IKEA furniture to hack is different than just looking for good IKEA furniture. DIYers, you know what I mean!

If you are new to hacking IKEA pieces or a veteran, you will want to check out these 6 best IKEA hack furniture pieces to get some inspiration.

These sturdy dressers, tables, shelves, and more have great bones to become fabulous and luxe semi custom DIY furniture pieces for your home. A little glue, some new hardware, mwah, it’s beautiful!

Our favorite IKEA pieces to hack are solid and square.

Solid wood or solid IKEA “cardboard” style makes it easy to adapt pieces to fit your style and aesthetic. The solid structure makes it sturdy enough to cut to modify or to drill through as needed.

A basic square shape to a piece of furniture gives you a great blank slate to add different shelves, hooks, or organizers, plus is a great surface for paint or spray paint, wallpaper or contact paper, or other decorations.

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For these reasons, our top 6 Best IKEA Hack Furniture Pieces are:

  1. RAST small wood dresser
  2. KALLAX cube shelf (formerly EXPEDIT)
  3. INGO small wood table
  4. BILLY bookshelf
  5. TARVA wood dresser chest
  6. RASKOG metal cart with wheels

We’re also big fans of IKEA’s outdoor patio furniture and their kitchen cabinets — no hacks required! (Check out Whitney’s beautiful IKEA kitchen here, too.)

But for these best IKEA hack furniture picks, let’s discuss why we like each — and give you lots of ideas for how to hack it!

Never underestimate the power of paint and new hardware — or an extra board and a few screws!

Plus, don’t pass up the very hack-able shelf brackets and table legs as you wander the IKEA maze! 

Hacks for IKEA Rast Dresser

IKEA rast stock image
image courtesy IKEA.com


The Rast dresser is simple with lots of clean lines, making it the perfect dresser to hack.

Legs can easily be added, paint or stain it any color you like and add some new knobs. A little trim, a little paint, and before you know it this cheap dresser is turned from simple to wow.

Check out these amazing IKEA RAST dresser hacks & transformations.

DIY Built In Rast Hack 7 1

Madeline turned an awkward nook into a built-in media center and TV console for her living room using 2 inexpensive RAST dressers.

This mirrored turned leg dresser hack that Sarah completed looks nothing like its humble RAST chest beginnings!

See more High Class IKEA Hacks that don’t look anything like flat-pack furniture!

Double the fun… 2 small RAST dressers, a bit of lumber, and a couple legs made for this perfect nursery storage dresser with storage and changing table for Betty’s home!

And 6 more amazing IKEA RAST dresser hacks: 

Six Rast Idea Hacks featured on Remodelaholic.com

Hacks for Expedit/Kallax Shelving Unit

IKEA Kallax Unit
image courtesy IKEA.com


The IKEA KALLAX cube shelf unit (formerly EXPEDIT) looks like a funky and fun piece without any hacking involved, but wow there are so many ways to spice up these basic square shelf storage units to look high-end.

Want to build your own large cube storage shelf? Use our plans to build this cubby shelf as an entry table or changing table.

Add doors, flip them on their side to make a bench, create a faux built-in. And don’t forget the possibilities with spray paint (use the right primer!), a new desktop, or a little bit of creativity.

You can also find similar large 13″ cube shelves at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and other retailers, woohoo!

IKEA Tip: You might also want to check out the TROFAST series for different size/shape configurations for your shelving and storage solutions, like this easy DIY Lego table.

GENIUS! Easy, DIY lego table using a basic Ikea storage piece. Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body for Remodelaholic.com!

plus, see more IKEA hacks for toy storage and playroom organization

Check out these amazing Kallax hacks & transformations.

One of our favorites: how to fake an IKEA built-in! A bit of extra baseboard makes this cube shelf look built-in and permanent but it’s totally moveable — perfect for renters.

Ikea Entry Post @Remodelaholic 10

Wrapping a cube shelf with wood and adding legs like Corinna did takes the KALLAX from basic to mid-century beautiful.

really interesting wood grain on side of made over cubby organizer

We saw a similar look at a homeshow — so easy to just add a solid wood top and sides to several cube shelves for a long cubby organizer!

Black And White Photo And Family Genealogy Chart Gallery Wall With IKEA Hack Wood Wrapped Cubbies Homeshow Via #remodelaholic

Honey Bear Lane hacked the KALLAX and a couple of bookcases to make this amazing long storage console for under her TV to hold media and toys.

Loft Storage

Bettina turned a KALLAX cube shelf into flat file drawers — perfect for art or large papers, and it looks amazing!

Kallax Flat File Cabinet Makeover Finished Project

A bit of plywood backing and some inexpensive furniture legs make this cube shelf a beautiful freestanding display for books and decor at Delia Creates.

DIY Shelving Delia Creates

A bit of pipe and DIY barn door hide the TV perfectly in this large EXPEDIT unit turned tv console via IKEA Hackers.

Turn an IKEA cubby shelf into a Pottery Barn console with this hack:

4.28 Turn An IKEA Shelf Into A Pottery Barn Ledge

It only takes a bit of ingenuity and a few materials to turn a cube shelf into a play kitchen:

Five Kallax IKEA HACKS featured on Remodelaholic.com

Hacks for IKEA Ingo wood table

Ingo Table IKEA
image courtesy of IKEA.com


The Ingo small table!!! I mean it looks like just a table, right? Wrong!!!

Paint it, stain it or cut right into the table top for some incredible changes that will make you think this is more than just a table.

We also love the versatility of the LACK table for hacking and the solid wood HEMNES desk.

See some of these fabulous INGO Ikea table hacks.

Six Ingo Dining Table IKEA Hacks featured on Remodelaholic.com

Hacks for Billy Bookcase

image courtesy of IKEA.com


I adore bookshelves, because I love books. And the Billy bookcase is a winner in my book, whether you just need a solid decent-looking bookshelf or you’re hacking it into a new look.

Again, the simple lines on furniture pieces lend themselves to be manipulated into something so much better.

Add some molding, doors and more for a new look that isn’t just a plain bookcase like these Billy makeovers.

BILLY is a standard because it’s been around for so long. But depending on your size needs, the GERSBY bookcase, BESTA unit, BRIMNES shelf, or EKET storage system can also be great options.

You might also consider using the inexpensive HYLLIS metal shelf or the affordable IKEA IVAR cabinets and wooden shelf system pieces to create open shelving solutions like these:

Check out these amazing uses for a hacked Billy bookcase! 

Marianne turned an outdated nook into a great desk with storage using a few Billy Bookcases.

Tamara build her own custom built-in TV console with plenty of storage!

Built In White Shelves And Media Wall Unit With Storage Squares Against Blue Wall With Blue Rug

Turn a bookcase into a storage hutch by adding a custom base:

For a dressed up look, grab a set of Billy bookcase doors and add some caning! (This picture is actually an IKEA cabinet, Brimnes, but the concept is the same.)

Ikea Caning Hack Aliceandlois
IKEA bookcase with caning doors | by Alice and Lois

More amazing IKEA Billy hacks: 

Six Billy IKEA hacks featured on remodelaholic.com

Hacks for Tarva dresser

image courtesy of IKEA.com


The Tarva series offers some great wood chest dressers (as well as a nightstand and bed frames).

Three, five or six drawer dresser varieties give lots of possibility for hacking and areas to put them in your home.

The legs on the Tarva chest (and the rest of the line) are nice because you can wrap them with slats of wood for a more solid look, or cut them into a more interesting shape like this.

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Change out the hardware for pulls and instant apothecary chest. Or go modern bohemian and use leather drawer pulls.

We added this built-in closet using a TARVA dresser and an older IKEA wardrobe.

(We also love the new PAX wardrobes we used here!)

For a dresser or nightstand, a bit of paint and stain and a quick cut to the legs gives it a mid-century look:

Gorgeous mid century Ikea Tarva hack by Petite Modern Life on Remodelaholc

BONUS: For a quick and easy update, add peel and stick wallpaper to the flat drawer fronts of Ikea’s Hemnes or Tarva or Malm dresser. For a more modern look, marble contact paper will update any dresser or table, too.

DIY Ikea Dresser Hack Updating With Wallpaper @remodelaholic 5

Here are plenty more ideas to hack a Tarva chest.

See 25 More IKEA TARVA hacks here. 

Five Tarva IKEA Hacks featured on Remodelaholic.com

Hacks for Raskog cart (also found on Amazon)

image courtesy of IKEA.com


Similar carts are also available at Michaels craft store, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other retailers. 

One little cart. So simple. So adorable. So many possibilities.

Hacking a RASKOG cart is more about how you use it than cutting it up like some of these other hacks.

This little rolling cart can hold spices, beauty supplies, art supplies, cleaning materials… anything you can think of! Plus, the wheels make it super easy to move around and you can easily find accessories like hooks and organizers.

Look at these Raskog cart hacks and pick your favorite one so you can bring home this fun cart next time you head to IKEA.

Five Raskog Ikea Hacks featured on remodelaholic.com

Runner-Up: Hacks for the Bekvam Line


The BEKVAM spice rack and step stool are both solid wood and ripe for hacking!

Honorable Mention: Hacks for the Lack Table and Shelf


The little ol’ LACK tables and shelves are great pieces for beginning DIYers who don’t want to build a side table or a floating shelf from scratch.

What are your favorite pieces to hack from IKEA??

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We’ve got 70+ more great IKEA projects here to inspire you!

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