40+ Beautiful Mirrors to Buy

Beautiful Mirrors to buy can be a great way to really open up and decorate many areas in the home. They are a necessity in a bathroom, but look great in bedrooms, entries, and more.

Mirrors are a great tool for decorating. Learn how to use them in a entryway, in a gallery wall, or to decorate a tall wall.

Mirrors Above A Fireplace In A Living Room Photo By Remodelaholic.com
Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 29 – Alcoa Construction, LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

We love beautiful mirrors all over the home. They can add light to a room and really make them look bigger. Plus, they come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. We’ve split these mirrors up by shape. Each shape has a range of options to fit any budget.

Shop all mirrors here first, then see below to shop for mirrors by shape. This post contains affiliate links for beautiful mirrors to buy for your convenience. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here. If you can’t see these images it may be your ad blocker (you might need to disable it), or you can check out the list below.

Round and Oval

Round and oval mirrors can be pretty all over the home, especially fun and trendy in bathrooms.

  1. Gold Round Mirror – Walmart
  2. Black Round Mirror – Amazon
  3. Round Gold or White Accent Mirror – Walmart
  4. 5 Piece Round Mirror Set – Walmart
  5. Round Modern Wood Mirror in multiple finishes and sizes – Wayfair
  6. Modern Round Mirror – Wayfair
  7. Golden Round Brushed Brass Mirror – Amazon
  8. Gold Modern Style Mirror – Wayfair
  9. Wood Beveled Round Mirror – Wayfair
  10. Round Mirror – Wayfair
  11. Jessie Round Wall Mirror – Wayfair
  12. Waved Edge Mirror – Wayfair
  13. Black Oval Mirror – Amazon
  14. Pill Shaped Black Stainless Steel Mirror – Wayfair

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more mirrors.

Unique Shapes

There are so many shapes, why go round or rectangular. Get a hexagon, or arched mirror instead.

  1. Elongated Octagon Beveled Mirror – Wayfair
  2. Menachem Accent Mirror – Wayfair
  3. Metal Accent Wall Mirror – Wayfair
  4. Black or Gold Accent Mirror – Wayfair
  5. Hexagon Accent Mirror – Walmart
  6. Arch Top Vertical Mirror – Wayfair
  7. Natural Wood Hexagon Mirror – Walmart
  8. Long Hexagon Gold Mirror – Walmart
  9. Arched Window Style Mirror – Wayfair
  10. Modern Contemporary Mirror – Wayfair
  11. Round Arc Mirror with Shelf – Amazon
  12. Newport Window Wall Mirror – Wayfair
  13. Elegant Beveled Mirror – Wayfair
  14. Windowpane Arched Mirror – Wayfair

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more mirrors.

Rectangle and Square

Find rectangle and square shaped mirrors here. Some come with shelves or a special accent that adds to their visual appeal.

  1. Distressed Wood Rectangle Mirror – Wayfair
  2. Accent Mirror with Shelf – Wayfair
  3. Country Wall Mirror – Wayfair
  4. Farmhouse Style Mirror – Wayfair
  5. Rustic Barn Door Mirror – Wayfair
  6. Shabby Chic Scalloped Mirror – Amazon
  7. Black Beveled Edge Mirror – Wayfair
  8. Full Length Mirror – Amazon
  9. Hanging Wall Mirror – Wayfair
  10. Full Length Wall Mirror – Amazon
  11. Faux Window Pane Mirror – Walmart
  12. Square Modern Mirror – Overstock
  13. Antique Square Mirror – Overstock
  14. Brass Square Mirror with Shelf – Target

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more mirrors.

Mirrors to DIY

And as always we still love a DIY. If you are looking for a project, you can whip up one of these beautiful mirrors with one of these tutorials:

  1. Rustic mirror
  2. How to make an antique mirror
  3. Rough quartz mirror frame
  4. Starburst mirror tutorial
  5. Trellis Mirror DIY
  6. Faux Gold Mirrors

How to Use Mirrors in Home Decor

Not sure where to put a mirror in your home? Here is a list of ideas and photos for inspiration:

  • Bathrooms. Over sinks, one large one or two medium sized ones over each sink.
  • Bedrooms. Over a bed, one on each side of the bed. Above a dresser.
  • Entryways. I love having a mirror in the entryway to be able to check my face before leaving and it really opens up that space.
  • Living rooms. Above a couch, above a fireplace, fill a large wall with a mirror gallery wall.
  • Hallways. At the end of a long hallway, or incorporated into a gallery wall.
  • Dining Rooms. Add a mirror to help the space feel larger.
Statement Round Golden Mirror In A Floral Wallpapered Bathroom Photo By Remodelaholic.com
Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2018 Home 30 – Shelby Homes, Gatehouse No. 1 Furniture & Design, Photo by Remodelaholic

A round statement mirror pairs well with a pretty floral wallpaper in a powder room.

A Starburst Mirror Over A Bed For A Fun Decor Look Photo By Remodelaholic.com
Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2018 – Home 9 – DR Horton, Photo by Remodelaholic

In a bedroom add a mirror above the center of the bed, or add one on each side for a look of symmetry.

Add some symmetry with a mirror on each side of the bed photo by Remodelaholic
Saint George Parade of Homes 2019 House 30 – S&S Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

Adding a mirror on a staircase is a fun way to decorate and show who is coming up and down.

Beautiful Mirror Going Up A Staircase Photo By Remodelaholic.com
Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2018 – Home 17 – Millhaven Homes, Four Chairs Furniture & Design, Photo by Remodelaholic

Looking for more projects that involve mirrors? Create a mirrored chest, frame in a large bathroom mirror, or add mirrors to a closet door.

Be sure to pin these Beautiful Mirrors to Buy for later:

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