45 DIY Painted Curtain Styles

Stenciled Curtains

When you’re looking for just the right pattern at the right price, using a stencil or freehanding a design can give you the high-end look without costing your kids’ college fund. Of course you can buy a stencil, or you could create your own like Crazy Wonderful did:

Westerman Fam - diy stencil for modern chevron curtains - via Remodelaholic

Unskinny Boppy used a couple smaller stencils to add interest to a plain white shade.Unskinny Boppy - small white painted shade - via Remodelaholic

Proverbs 31 Girl used a tone-on-tone stencil to dress up her drop cloth curtains.Proverbs 31 Girl - stenciled painted drop cloth curtains - via Remodelaholic

This multi-colored scattered herringbone stencil looks great in Paisley Roots‘ daughter’s room!
Paisley Roots - stenciled herringbone curtains - via Remodelaholic

And this bold single color pattern really stands out at Design Par Deux.Design Par Deux - stenciled curtains - via Remodelaholic

While this more muted color and classic pattern is still just as lovely (at PBJ Stories).

PBJ Stories - diy trellis painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

A large motif looks lovely on these curtains (via Better Homes and Gardens)BHG - painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

or you can use a vinyl stencil to really make your curtains talk! (haha) like Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss


Or you can skip the paint and use fabric markers and a hand-drawn template for a subtle pattern like Nifty Thrifty Momma:Nifty Thrifty Momma - stenciled quatrefoil curtains using paint marker pens - via Remodelaholic

Freehand Painted Curtains

And what about freestyle painting? You could go Jackson Pollock 😉 but here’s some inspiration to show you what else you could also do.

How About Orange painted up some simple drapes for the office.

How About Orange - hand painted freehand curtains - via Remodelaholic

Christine Dovey hand-painted these patterned curtains for her home (featured on Eclectically Vintage).Christine Dovey on Eclectically Vintage - hand painted freestyle curtains - via Remodelaholic

Use fabric dye to paint on curtains for a hand-sketched watercolor look (from Plumetis Magazine).
Plumetis Magazine - hand painted curtains using dye - via Remodelaholic

This pic is inspiration only(via Cup Half Full) but just think how easy this curvy trellis pattern could be to paint?via Cup Half Full - inspiration hand painted organic curves curtains - via Remodelaholic

Or if you’re REALLY an artist… just sketch out an octopus. Easy-peasy… (via Casa Sugar)via Casa Sugar - hand painted octopus curtain - via Remodelaholic

So, now the problem is choosing just ONE style to paint your next set of curtains. (Should I mention that all 100 of these wall painting ideas would also work great on curtains? :D)


page 1: Painted Curtains Basics
page 2: Striped, Chevron, and Herringbone Painted Curtains
page 3: Geometric and Stamped Curtains
page 4: Stenciled and Freehand Painted Curtains

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