45 DIY Painted Curtain Styles

Geometric Painted Curtains Using Painter’s Tape

Geometric patterns are trending right now, which is perfect for DIYers because you can re-create them using just painter’s tape, or by drawing and then tracing in paint.

Smile and Wave painted a double diamond pattern:

Smile and Wave - geometric diamond painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

Bambula shared this geometric roller blind — but this would look great on drapery panels, too!Bambula - geometric painted roller shade - via Remodelaholic

Interiors By Kenz used painter’s tape to create this arrow motif.Interiors by Kenz - painted geometric arrow curtains - via Remodelaholic

This diamond ikat pattern is by HouseologieHouseologie - diy painted ikat curtains - via Remodelaholic

Love Creative combined several different geometric shapes and styles in these “native inspired” curtain panels:

Love Creative - geometric native inspired curtains - via Remodelaholic

And My Sister’s Suitcase shows you how to do 3 different and simple geometric curtain patterns. (One isn’t painted, but it could easily be painted or stamped.)Sisters Suitcase - simple geometric diy painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

Stamped and Polka Dot Curtains

Working our way up the difficulty scale, next comes the stamped and polka dot curtains. Now really, these might actually be faster, easier, and less frustrating than the stripes because polka dots and hand-stamped shapes can be a little askew and it just adds to the handmade awesomeness of them.

I still love the polka dot confetti curtains I made for my daughter’s room using cups as stamps:

Remodelaholic - confetti polka dot curtains tutorial

But if you’re looking to go a little more grown-up perhaps, try spreading out the circles like Hello Lidy.

Hello Lidy - polka dot painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

Or you can space the polka dots more evenly like Tiny Sidekick did.Tiny Sidekick - polka dot painted curtains - via Remodelaholic

I’m also thinking that this super simple stamped circle motif could look great on the right curtains:


52 Weekends of DIY made these modern stamped triangle curtains52 Weekends of DIY - how to make block stamped curtains - via Remodelaholic

and you could follow her stamp-creating technique to make the stamps and create curtains with patterns like these (via Apartment Therapy).

Apartment Therapy - how to stamp your own textiles for sheets or curtains - via Remodelaholic

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