5 Beautiful and Useful Kitchen Accessories Ideas

5 Beautiful & Useful Kitchen Accessories via tipsaholic.com5 Useful Kitchen accessories


A wise man named William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” This is definitely a good rule to live by when decorating your home, especially your kitchen. Counter space in the kitchen is so precious that you don’t want to clutter it up with unnecessary and/or unsightly items. Here are 5 beautiful AND useful kitchen accessories ideas that will help your most hardworking room look better and function better.


1. Colorful Step Stool

colorful step stool kitchen

A stool is handy in the kitchen when you need to reach items in the upper cabinets or shelves. But why use a rickety, old stool that you hide away in the pantry or a dark corner? Go bold and beautiful with a bright stool that adds color and whimsy to your kitchen while still having a lot of purpose.

You could paint this popular IKEA step stool or you could buy one already painted, like this one.


2. Soft and Washable Rug

 rug in kitchen

If you have tile in your kitchen, you know how hard it can be on your feet during long bouts of cooking. A rug would help, but they can get dirty fast in a kitchen. Find a rug that’s washable, such as an indoor/outdoor rug, and you’ll add both style and function to your kitchen.

Many indoor/outdoor rugs in stores today are soft and easily cleaned with a hose. That’s a perfect combination for such a messy room like the kitchen. This indoor/outdoor rug is a great example of a stylish rug that will add a lot of character to your kitchen with little maintenance. If you prefer a more neutral color, try these rugs.


3. Stylish Knife Storage Solution

knives magnet kitchen

Knives scattered all over in a drawer can dull the blades over time. A common way to store knives is to put them in a knife block, but many of them are just blocks of wood that don’t add any beauty while taking up counter space. A practical yet stylish way to solve this problem is to get your knives on the wall with the help of a magnetic holder. This one is really beautiful and will add warmth to your kitchen. If you prefer a kitchen block, how about this sleek glass knife block?


4. Attractive Trivets

wood trivets diy

If you cook a lot, you know how invaluable trivets can be. They protect your countertop and dinner table from hot pots and pans, allowing you to move things around as you cook, especially if you don’t have a huge 6-burner stove. But many trivets are pretty plain-looking and don’t look great just laying round in the kitchen. Why not try to DIY a couple of attractive trivets? Try making these cool patterned wooden trivets with veneer tape or tile trivets that match your backsplash!

Prefer to buy something new? This silicone “cool tool” is truly a great buy. They act as thin trivets, a way to grip hard-to-open jars, potholders, and more. These trivets come in several colors, so you can buy a couple in a color that compliments your kitchen’s decor. Plus, they have a small hole on top so you can hang them on a hook, saving precious counter space!


5. Vibrant Pot or Kettle

colorful pot on stove kitchen

Add a nice pop of color to your stove by always leaving a colorful pot or kettle on one of the burners. A kettle is a popular option, but if you don’t drink a lot of tea, it will just take up space and that’s not a very useful kitchen accessory! Try a brightly colored pot, like this beautiful Le Creuset dutch oven, that you can actually cook in everyday. A more economical option is this set of colorful pots that look like so much fun to cook with.


What do you think of these kitchen accessories ideas? Would they look good and be functional in your own kitchen? Do you have any other suggestions for beautiful and useful kitchen accessories ideas? Share away!

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Feature and Title Image Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.

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