5 Work Hairstyles

Need some new inspiration for work hairstyles? Here are five ways to do your hair for work with a professional flair. 5 Work Hairstyles via tipsaholic.com #work #hair #beauty #hairstyles #workhair

5 Work Hairstyles

The office often calls for a certain look. You have the right outfit to project that professional image. And of course the shoes need to be perfect. But to complete the look, you often need the right hairstyle. Here are 5 work hairstyles to keep you looking great while doing your job.


Decorative Twist

This style works best with either thin or shorter hair. Gather hair together. Twist and tuck hair into an informal chignon. Secure with a few decorative hair accessories to complete the look.


Looped Bun

And for those of you with longer hair, try out this hairstyle. Create a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band about an inch lower than normal. Part hair right above the elastic band, and flip the ponytail through. Fold the ponytail in half into a loop and secure the ends with pins against the head, underneath the top fold of hair. Make sure the hair stays sleek by adding some hairspray.


Long Ponytail

This hairstyle keeps the hair off your face, but still allows your hair to have a little flow. Create two ponytails one high on the head and one closer to the nape of the neck, one directly above the other. Make some soft curls in the hair to add volume and texture. From the back, this will make your hair seem much longer than it really is.


Side Braid

This one is fast and easy. Make a haphazard part in your hair. Braid hair to one side of your head, and secure with an elastic band at the bottom. Pull out a few face framing features to add to the style.


Long and Straight

Sometime simplest is best. Simply leaving hair down could be the best way to go. To keep it professional, avoid out of control curls, and keep the look polished and straight. The use of a flat iron could be a benefit for this style.


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