7 Fast and Easy Meals in a Tortilla

The flour tortilla can be a versatile friend when it comes to needing a meal in a hurry. It keeps well on a shelf or in the freezer, and it will definitely keep well inside hungry tummies when you try a few of these fast and easy meals in a tortilla.


1. Tortilla crepes (picture: slide 1)
Crepes are great for breakfast, but you can cut your prep-time significantly by using a humble flour tortilla in place of mixing and frying a homemade crepe. Fill it with cream cheese and fruit, drizzle it with syrup, and eat up!


2. Quesadillas (picture: slide 2)
The obvious fast favorite is plain cheese, but if you plan ahead just a little, you can easily add chopped peppers and your favorite meats. Even canned chicken and a little salsa can be a great addition to your basic quesadilla.


3. Mediterranean turkey wraps (picture: slide 3)
Go above and beyond your typical wrap with this healthy and flavorful Mediterranean version. Switch things up by using different flavors of hummus and varying your vegetables.


4. Breakfast burritos (picture: slide 4)
You can’t often top a classic, and the breakfast burrito is certainly a classic. If plain eggs and cheese aren’t your style, take a few extra minutes to fry up some bacon or ground sausage to keep in the fridge and toss in the mix throughout the week. And who’s to say it’s just for breakfast?


5. Fast fish tacos (picture: slide 5)
Use ready-to-bake, battered fish fillets (or even fish sticks) and pre-packaged coleslaw mix for the fastest fish taco ever! Add your favorite dressings or salsa and you’ll forget just how simple it was.


6. Mini pizzas (picture: slide 6)
Use a circular cookie cutter (or the rim of a cup) to cut small circles from a tortilla and arrange them in a muffin pan. Drop a dollop of tomato sauce, a bit of cheese, and your favorite pizza toppings into the center. Pop them in the oven for a few minutes and out comes a tasty, no-forks-required pizza bite.


7. Crisp bean burritos (picture: slide 7)
In homage to Taco Time, this copycat recipe will have your mouth watering with just five simple ingredients and some salsa to dip them in. Twenty minutes to a great family favorite – I think yes.


It’s easy to see that a few ingredients and a simple tortilla can satisfy more than just your cravings for Tex-Mex. And if you’re interested in trying your hand at homemade tortillas, check out this recipe from Food Network. Grab a tortilla and get creative in the kitchen today!

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Featured image courtesy of Betty Crocker.

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