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Going swimming with your family and friends during the summer is a lot of fun, but looking at photos of yourself with messy and wet hair isn’t as thrilling. Try these 7 beach hairdos and look stylish even when soaking wet. Take a few minutes to do your hair before you jet off to the beach or pool and you’ll look great all day long!


1. French braid on the front, ponytail in the back

This swimming hairstyle is fairly easy to do and will look great on everyone. Most hair lengths will work just fine with this ‘do. First, section off your hair on the top and make a french braid along the side. Then pull back your hair into a ponytail (as seen on Fitbie) or a low, messy bun.



2. A few thin braids around the face, keep hair down

If you prefer to keep your hair down when swimming, keep it stylish with a few thin braids to frame out your face. You could do two thin braids at the front, off to one side, or braid a section in front of each ear like Brooklyn Decker does here in People Magazine .



3. Side fishtail braid

This swimming hairdo featured on Stylezza is easy to do and looks good even when messy, making it a good choice for long days spent at the beach with the wind and sand blowing through your hair.



4. Cornrows

Cornrows (as seen below on Daily Hairstyles) is a popular swimming hairdo, and for good reason. They keep hair off your face, stay neat for a long time, and can be done with any hair type. Yep, braids make the best beach hairdos.



5. Headband and a messy bun

Keep it simple with a cool headband and a messy bun. This will help protect your hair from the sun and wind, but you’ll have to remove the headband before swimming and put it on again when you get out of the water. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to put on. Check out this tutorial by Keiko Lynn to learn how! Or keep it simple and grab a colorful headband that you can just put on without any fuss. You could try adding some bobby pins to help it stay on while you swim.



6. Low chignon

With a low chignon, you’ll look stylish even when your hair is soaking wet. I like to add a side part to my low chignon, but do what looks best on you. Add some earrings and you’ll go from pool-ready to party-ready in a few seconds. Check out this beautiful chignon from The Small Things Blog.



7. A hat!

This isn’t exactly a hairstyle, but it’ll do in a pinch. Don’t wear just any old hat, though. Wear a colorful and sporty baseball cap, which goes great with a bikini. Try a cowboy hat or a cool fedora. An extra large beach hat is always a classic, like this one from Ali Express, along with big black sunglasses.



I hope you’re as inspired by these beach hairdos as I am! I think I’ll be rocking the braid in the front and ponytail in the back for most of the summer. What about you? What beach hairdos do you turn to for a long day of water fun?

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Featured image courtesy of Keiko Lynn.

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