7 Valentine’s Day Books to Read With Your Family

What is Valentine’s Day all about? Is it really just about exchanging cards and eating chocolate hearts? Of course not. We all know that it’s really about spending time with the people we love. One way to do that is reading a book together. These seven Valentine’s Day books are funny, sweet, thoughtful, and just plain fun to read.

7 valentines books to read with your family - Tipsaholic.com

1. Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

Perfect for babies and very young toddlers, this lift-the-flap book sends you on a search for the valentine’s day gift that baby made for mom. Grab this opportunity to teach about  the shape of the heart, since you will find it on almost every page. After you read it together, you could go off on a search around your home for a Valentine’s Day gift you’ve made for your kids!

2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

If you and your kids love the “If You Give…” book series, you will enjoy this cute board book. Mouse decides to make a Valentine’s Day card for everyone he loves. He thinks about what he loves about them and includes it in his card for them. Written for toddlers, the story is much simpler than the usual “If You Give…” books but it opens itself to a good discussion of what your kids love about the people in their lives.

3. The Day It Rained Hearts

This whimsical story of Cornelia Augusta and the day that it rained hearts will capture the hearts of your young children. Written for 4 to 8-year-olds, the book talks about how Cornelia collected the raining hearts and turned them into special Valentine’s Day gifts for her friends. This is another book that will help your kids think about how to make their Valentine’s Day cards more personal.

4. Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

The story of Gilbert, a furry creature with glasses, and the Valentine’s Day cards that he makes for his classmates will both delight and teach your kids. Gilbert is thoughtful and sweet with all of his cards except for the two classmates he doesn’t like because they teased him in the past. What does he write on the cards and what happens as a result? A good message about revenge, forgiveness, and honesty. As a bonus, the watercolor illustrations in the book are so beautiful and fascinating to look at.

5. The Story of Valentine’s Day

Behind every holiday is an interesting origin story and Valentine’s Day is no different. This book is a good introduction of how the holiday came about, complete with colorful illustrations and even a cookie recipe. This book would be great for all ages, especially for those who thoughtfully ask, “Why?”

6. Love? Maybe.

If you have a young teenager that loves to read, this book about a girl whose birthday is Valentine’s Day is a light and fun read about finding love in unexpected places and even when you don’t really believe in love. You could grab two copies and read it along with your daughter and discuss the plot after every chapter.

7. Valentine Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family

As much fun as reading Valentine’s Day books with the family is, there are also other things to do, such as crafting and cooking. This book is full of delicious recipes and fun crafts to try during the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

7 Valentines Books to Read with Your Family - Tipsaholic.com

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