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I got this great bathroom renovation from Lezlee at Prior.   There are a lot of great touches check it out!

We have three bathrooms in our home.  All of which had to be gutted, knocked down, or built from scratch. The first I will show you is the Master Bath; it is in the knocked down category.  Formerly a boarded in front porch, turned into a closet and bathroom and for the longest time the only bathroom for all seven, yes, seven of us!  We knocked the front porch renovation down, rebuilding a master bathroom with a hugely fantastic closet, well, maybe it isn’t grand by some standards, but I live in a house with virtually no closets soo…, and a separate closet for the guest room…

This shelf is built from an old door. 
LOVE how Joshua miters the corners!

The thermometer is from the Eubank Funeral Home which is still in business, though it has been many years since our phone numbers were written as TU 7.  The Eubank family is where the bank part of Mabank is derived.  The old Avon bottle was my mother-in-laws and the coral came from Okinawa, the coral island, where we were stationed two separate times, for a total of seven years.  Japan is also where I bought the Johnson’s Baby Powder; I love the artistic Japanese writing.    


I don’t have a  cut flower budget around my place, occasionally buy supermarket flowers, so I really enjoy and try to take advantage of the luscious wildflowers here in Texas!

More shells from Okinawa and a tiny lighthouse my youngest picked up for me at First Monday, years ago.  

 The window casing used for the curtains were the original ones on the outside of our house…We had to put all new windows in, saving the seven windows original trim work.  My husband does most of the building, but Joshua gets to do the fun stuff. He finished these with hooks and trim if they needed it, and gave each of my husband’s 5 siblings one. They use theirs for a wall hanger, but I loved mine for the window trim…since this is a new add on, it doesn’t have the trim work as found in the original house, so I tried to think of easy, unique ways to add in the character. 

The floral prints came from Goodwill. Notice the latch for the screen still attached to the trim. I made a Texas Flag from one of the old screens.

Love the handle on the old medicine cabinet…
                                                  It came with the house…     


This vintage telephone nook’s PRIOR residence was the  farmhouse where I grew up. My husband salvaged it, as a surprise, before the old place was torn down; He also saved some doors.  I made the button bouquet and put it in a Nu Grape bottle… The Q-tip holder is a faceted snuff glass placed in a 10 cent garage sale stand.  

 We had a dresser we were thinking of using for the vanity, but in the end this one from Lowe’s was quicker and cheaper. The mirror is recessed in the wall to conceal the medicine cabinet. and I use an old planter for the towels and extra TP.

The fixtures are rubbed bronze. Most are from Lowe’s, but I bought the towel bar set at Wal-Mart. 

I love this tiny fan and it works wonderfully.!

The shower is very large. It has a rain shower head, a hand held, plus a body jet. Our ceilings are nine foot tall, so I can’t even touch this shower head. My husband trimmed it out…while I was the helper. Our kids painted most of it, but I think I painted the trim. We’ve painted so much I can’t keep track. My husband’s nephew did the tile work. Any of you that have done some of this remodeling recognizes the process… 

Remember, if you are still with me from way in the beginning of this post, I said this used to be the front porch…Well, it had two awesome front doors on the porch, leading to two different rooms. When we made part of the remodel a closet for the guest room, the gorgeous door was hidden inside, so Joshua took off all the trim and put it on  as my new closet door, inside my master bath… and we salvaged an old french door, from a house being torn down here in town… The blank space trimmed out a transom, which is still in the guest room, so I had this blank space… I had thought about writing the words for closet in lots of languages, a huge clock, or some metal work, but when I went shopping at the Red Shed Antiques, I spotted this spray of flowers and thought it would fit perfectly and I think it did?!  It would work well in many places, if I decide to execute one of the other ideas. 

Thanks Red Shed Girls!

Now, for the unfinished, uglies… We weren’t sure if we would keep this door for the bathroom, because it is half glass, besides we hated to hide it away in a non public part of the house… so we haven’t done a thing to it; I’m thinking we will keep it here. I like it and it matches everything else so well… We also need to do the crown molding… 

This door will need a little more than soap! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that old door!  
And I admit I have a collection of hand sculptures
(Does that make me sound weird? – wait don’t answer that)… 
so i am a bit jealous of that last image!  To cool!
Great Job Lezlee!

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  1. >I love hand sculptures too! So, no you are not weird because that would make me weird too 🙂 Don't you just love that old door!!

  2. >Oh, thanks so much for featuring my bathroom! and no, I don't think you're weird for collecting hands! How many times have we all said, "We wished we had another set of hands!" lol