Organize It: Under The Bathroom Sink

Hello Remodelaholic readers! Madeline here from The Life We Dream! The last time I was here I shared how I organized my closet after moving in with my parents. Today I am going to share my “makeover” of my bathroom vanity!Easy, real-life ways to make your bathroom vanity organized

When I moved, I basically threw everything from my old (& very large) master bedroom (you can see it here in our home tour!) into bins & reusable grocery bags. I hauled them across town, threw them under the sink… and that was it.Bathroom Organization - 1

Fast forward 5 months and I could not find anything I was looking for and I routinely just tossed things in & closed the door as quickly as possible. Whoops! I knew I needed a better solution, so I started by cleaning everything out. I ended up throwing away a bunch of stuff (this is why you should always purge before you pack!) & keeping only the essentials.Bathroom Organization - 2

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First, I knew that I needed some storage for “extras”- extra toothpaste, dry shampoo, lotion, etc. The things that I would need on a daily basis, but want to keep handy. I put all of my extras into one of these bins (you get 6 for $25 or less!) & then put items I use more regularly into another one. I then stacked them on top of each other to use some vertical space. (You could also use these similarly priced bins that are made for stacking, instead of just turning one basket the other way to stack.)

Other great ideas for vertical space- stacking bins and baskets on hooks, door organizer & more! On the side I added a few more bins for specific things like nail polish and made a space for my travel organizer. A small set of drawers like this would also be a great solution!Bathroom Organization - 5

After that space was looking better, it was time to work on the drawers. My favorite way to organized make up is in an inexpensive desk organizer– lots of cubbies in all different sizes! Mine were currently overflowing and just not working. I threw away any expired make up or anything I never used & relegated all of the extras to my extra bin. This freed up enough space to make everything functional again. If you’re interested here is my make up routine!Bathroom Organization - 13

I did the same thing to the second drawer and moved onto the vanity top.

Bathroom Organization - 12I love trays. Like love them- they corral things and make them look nice and they just make me happy. However, I had basically just thrown a ton of things into my little tray and called it a day. This vanity top is almost too small for a tray, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

Bathroom Organization - 7I put the ugly every day essentials (aka tooth paste & deodorant) into the medicine cabinet for quick use and let the cuter every day essentials hang out (perfume & lipstick for the win). The other side of the vanity holds my electric toothbrush and q-tips- not the most glamorous, but a girl has to brush her teeth!

If you’re cramped for bathroom counter space, you could also use a chic acrylic makeup organizer, which can hold more than just makeup!Bathroom Organization - 11

Bathroom Organization - 8All in all this organization project took a few hours and a few bins. I don’t cringe anymore when I open the cabinets and my morning goes much smoother! It’s the little things in life : )

Thanks for letting me share- I am so excited to be here! Feel free to stop by my corner of the internet- The Life We Dream– or check us out on our favorite social media site- Instagram & Facebook!


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