Beat-up Bench Upgrade; Guest

Katie at Impatiently Praying for Patience got this little number from a place called Craigs-List City and upgraded it here is what she had to say about it. 

A couple of weeks ago I got this bench for $20 from Craigslist.

Since my boys have decided that they want to be little helpers they helped me sand down the bench.

First I painted the bottom portion red. Since I am not a smart person. I didn’t prime it. So 4 coats of red later I was wishing I primed it.

Wild Man did help me paint the bench which honestly was the highlight of his week. I didn’t get a picture of it due to be an over anxious mom with a 4 year old who had a paint brush.

I’m sure you all understand. 

As you can see on the picture I painted white over the red.

Then I enlisted the boys help with distressing the top.

But I would advise if you are going to have two little boys beat up a bench you might want to inform your significate other due to the panic that will bestow on them when they come out to see your kids beating a product that they know your other half has been painstackingly working on.

It will save you some extra explaining and from having a panicked spouse.

I’m just saying…

I did get Romeo to use the pointy end of the paint brush and he focused only on one area… It is ok…I like it that way.

Then I used gel stain to stain the top.

 Please notice the hand print on the bench. Whoops.

Oh well, if it is stolen I have fingerprint proof that it is mine.

Then I sanded the bottom to let the red come through.

Here is the end result!

It’s awaiting all the guests we are to have in the next few weeks!

We have a dining table with stained wood top and painted legs and just love it.  Nice job on the upgraded bench. 

Any thoughts?

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  1. >I love this. I can just see Daddy's face when he comes out and see's the kids beating on the bench. I hate sanding also, I just did a post on it. I found something that is called Gloss-Off that is a fabulous time saver. I have an antiques booth so everything gets painted white. Not sanding has saved me tons of time!