Book Bag Literally, Tutorial

The other day while surfing the net I came across an image on Country Living.  I thought the idea was so cute that I had to try it myself and I am here to give you a tutorial.  This tutorial is however just a guideline.  I contemplated doing it several ways and just opted for the fastest way I could see.  Hope you like it.  (you could of course make this much more complicated!)

One hardback book
Exatco knife
1/2 yard or less of fabric
Handles of your choice.
Hot glue
Duct Tape

(p.s. I think I might have gone a little crazy with the duct tape, but what could be faster or stronger?)

I don’t know is it too cheesy? 
 I thought it was really fun, but I am not sure…  
What do you think?

Is this something you would ever consider making?
Let me know!

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  1. Would love to give this a try. The tutorial looks easy to follow but you didn’t include how to actually make the sides and lining. Can you add that in?

    1. Hi Joyce,
      They are just rectangles — the bottom left of the tutorial collage image is where that info is. This was so many years ago, I’ll look to see if I still have the photos to add more detail.

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