Organizing part deux, Inspiration Monday

I found so many great ideas for organizing last week that I had to share some more today.  I think the great part of getting something organized is how much better I feel inside.  Am I the only one who goes to bed at night and thinks, I wonder what is stuffed under my bad at the moment?  Or, that there are five pairs of shoes by the back door… Yes, these are the kind of thoughts I have at night, instead of just drifting off to bed.

Sources: All images are from Martha Stewart or Pottery Barn.

If I have time later today I will try to explain why I like these images so much!    
For now, what do you think?
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  1. >I dream of being that organized! I love your blog. Before and afters are my favorite! Thanks for stopping by The Virginia House and your nice comments. I love comments! Visit me again soon I hope to finish up some projects this week and get them posted.

  2. >Organization doesn't run in my family. We are more of packrats than anything. I love when I get something organized, though. I definitely need to get better at it especially having 3 boys wreaking havoc constantly.

    Have you seen She has plans for that pottery barn book/cubby/desk thing and lots of other wood furniture knock offs. Its pretty cool.

  3. >I think of the number of shoes by the door too. Ahhhrggghhh. I need a clear space for a clear mind. So to me, these places look like a free place for my mind to create and NOT obsess on the things to do. Honestly they make me a bit nervous as I would think in my "all or nothing" mentality of organizing, I would be, ahh, challenged, shall we say?

  4. >Oh and I tend to look very organized…clear counters etc. but DO NOT OPEN THE CUPBOARD. I can't be responsible.

  5. >Great inspiration photos! I need some organizing help — really just time to work on getting organized!



  6. >Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

    LOVE these images… such inspiration to my never-ending challenge of getting organized.

  7. >would it be weird if i thought these pictures were delicious? i looove little organized offices, etc 🙂

  8. >My parents knocked off the PB organizational system for me when I left for college (handy to have a woodwork and a welder between the two of them). I love it, and still use it to keep our office organized!

  9. >I'm not a woman looking to give up a baby, but I just wanted to wish you blessings. I have a now 18-year-old boy who is the apple of my eye. I believe he was MEANT to be my child. I think we could end a lot of this controversy about abortion by pushing adoption. Wouldn't it be nice to be FOR something? God bless you.
    Oh – I'd be honored if you'd check out my blog: Contrary Mary Clementine.

  10. >Thanks for organizing these pictures. I'm trying to organize a sewing and crafting room and these have been really helpful. Love your blog!