I’m Bringing Brassy Back…. Yeah!

Hello Remodelaholics!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper, and I am happy to be back for my monthly post over here! Today, I am going to talk about a product that has changed my life forever.  Seriously.  If you have not yet tried it, you will want to.  It’s amazing; it’s shiny; it’s easy to use!  It’s….. Rub N Buff!!!

I only recently used this product after seeing a few of my blog friends create amazing shiny things.   I want to start by sharing some of the projects my friends have created…

Carmel made over her sconces, outdoor chairs, and even some frames with a little rub n buff.

Pretty cool huh?  I love those frames especially!  The gold adds the perfect touch of sophistication!

Cassie used rub n buff on her faux antlers and her  mantle mirror,

3-12-12 051

Picnik collage

And I have also tried my hand (literally!) at rub n buff.  My first project was my gold leafed nightstands.  You can click on the link for the entire how to, but I was freaking out after I had leafed the tables… the rub n buff was the perfect touch to complete the tables and fill any gaps.

The nightstands were the most dramatic, but I also used rub n buff to update our door knocker (which I couldn’t remove because the screws has been painted on!).

And most recently I used gold rub n buff on the feet of a midcentury dresser to give it a dipped look:

As you can see, rub n buff is versatile and can be used on a variety of projects!  I for one and so glad gold and brass are back!


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  1. I didn’t realize how serious this stuff was. I thought it was just like a glaze, but it really covers, doesn’t it?

    Wonder how it would look if I dipped my toes in it? Hmmm…

  2. I was meant to click on this post today, Cassie!! I have been trying to get my front door hardware up to snuff (God forbid I shell out the $100+ to replace it!) and I think this is just the ticket!! I’ve tried Brasso and Bar Keepers Friend, etc and I’m afraid painting it will compromise its working order. Yay! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Heidi

  3. I’ve had a little pot of gold buff stuff for years and years – I keep holding on to it in hopes that brass will make a comeback. Glad to know it has. LOVE the door knocker!!

  4. COOL! I still have to try this stuff. I have been saying it now for awhile. Love what you did, and I love brass…just like this kind. I have some old brass myself, they are my favorite pieces.

  5. I love the touchs of gold and other metals just don’t bring back those horrid brass door knobs and light fixtures. I am going to have to get some rub and buff to try.

  6. Thanks for including my projects here girlie! I can’t get enough rubbing and buffing – that didn’t come out right did it? 😉 Seriously though – it’s amazing how a tiny little tube can change your life – or your door knocker – it’s awesome!

  7. Wow I’m loving the way this product makes things look. It’s so nice to find a product that is so versatile. I’m looking around my house for something to rub and buff and I hold you 100% responsible! Thanks for sharing girlie, have a fabulous day!