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 This is such a cool sink! I love the industrial look! 

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My name is Ashley and I blog over at Domestic Imperfection. To get all the first date stuff out of the way…I’m 27, live in Texas, have two small boys, a handy husband, and an ugly house that’s looking better by the day! Over on my blog there are a few thing that you won’t find. Flawless pictures….not on my point and shoot. Sparkling spaces…did you read the part about two small boys? Lovely poetic writing, not so much. I openly share that my projects usually go drastically wrong before they go right. My boys diaper clad bodies are present in most of my posts. The cleanliness of my house is certainly not something you will be jealous of. And I start many of my sentences with the word and. Or but. Or or. What you will find over at Domestic Imperfection a ton of awesome ideas, great tutorials, a whole lot of honesty and hopefully some laughs. So head on over, check it out, and don’t miss the project gallery!

This post is a little out if the blue, huh?  I didn’t give y’all much warning, but yes, we’ve been working on our guest/kids bathroom.  Never a dull moment around here!

I’m just going to jump right into it and show y’all the before picture….

That is the original before picture….gotta love that bright salmon that plagued our house!  Since that picture we had painted it green (same as the living room and laundry room), so here is the “right before” pictures…

Not terrible by any means, but it still had to go. You can’t tell in these pictures, but the vanity was in kinda rough shape thanks to the previous owners dog.  Also, it didn’t have any counter space. So we ripped everything out and sold the whole set up on craigslist. We pretty much have to give things away to have people drive to our house to pick them up, so we sold it all for $75.

Anyway, this isn’t a tutorial and I don’t really have any progress pictures, so here is the after picture!

I’m sure about 50% of you are cringing right now, it’s a love it or hate it kinda bathroom.  I love it, and I promise the colors look better in real life.  It is really REALLY hard to take pictures of this bathroom, it’s cramped and there is no natural light…and I just have a point and shoot camera. So I apologize ahead of time for some of the pictures.

The counter is made of  cedar 2X6′s and coated in polyurathane…total cost is about $18.

The mirror was free from a very nice contractor at Adam’s work, and the framing is cedar 1X4….total cost about $6.

The tile for the backsplash I found on clearance at Lowes…total cost about $6 (plus a tiny amount of tiling supplies).

The sink and faucet were bought from Amazon. I searched and searched for the best deals on these and ended up buying the cheapest non ugly stuff I could find. I figured that if the faucet crapped out, I could replace it four or five times before it equals the cost of a name brand one. I’ll take those odds. So the sink was only $85 and the faucet was $60. Oh and I had to buy a drain kitwhich was $18.

The light is from Lowes and cost $25. I was dead set on a big galvanized barn light and in my head anything barn-y should be cheap.  Not so…they are hundreds of dollars. I almost gave up and went with something else when I stumbled upon this one…it’s not as big as I wanted, but I still think it looks great (way better than in this terrible picture).

Since you look up and see the bulb I decided that a regular (ugly) swirly bulb wasn’t going to do. I found a cool looking nostalgic bulbfor $10 and think it looks great. The light it gives off is a little yellow, but I guess that just adds to the nostalgic feel.

Here is where it starts to get expensive. We made this whole plan for the legs using industrial pipes and whatnot. Then we went to go buy our materials and oh. my. goodness…those babies are pricey. I’m totally taking a shot in the dark here, but I’m going to say we used about $100 worth of pipe and fitting to make the legs. I really have to start writing this stuff down.

So obviously we aren’t finished yet…the trim needs to be done, I want to add a cedar shelf on the supports, galvanized buckets for storage, and we need to rewire the outlet.

The total price (when I add in about $20 for plumbing related stuff) comes to $330…$255 if I subtract the $75 from selling the old stuff.  Not to shabby, especially considering all that we did.


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  1. Such a cool look! You did a great job and keeping track of the cost is amazing. That is something that I never can keep track of 🙂

  2. How wonderful!!! You were spot on with your design! The lateral lines in the beautiful wood and the straight lines in the faucet, coupled with the small accent of the tile…wow 🙂 I love the look!! Barny, industrial and sheek 🙂 Congratualtions!!

  3. I LOVE your sink job! I am at the beginning stages of renovating my (much worse–trust me!) bathroom and this has given me hope that it won’t cost me an arm and a leg! I’m going to read more of your blog, I do believe!
    Thanks for the ideas!
    Heather from Prince Edward Island, Canada 🙂

  4. I just love this look and what you have done.. I am very inspired.
    How did you attach the counter to the wall?
    Thanks for the tips…