Built-in Bookcase Repainted

Built-in Bookcase Repainted

contributed by Robby @ Down On Sanford

First off, I want to thank you all SO SO SO much for you’re incredibly kind comments on my last post. I was really overwhelmed by them! You all have made me feel so welcome my first few months here. 🙂

Alight, remember the bookcase I told ya’ll I was going to paint, and asked for your opinion on way back in August?

Yep…that one.
I finished painting it quite awhile back, but just haven’t got around to shooting pictures of it because, in order to get sufficient lighting in this particular room for taking photos, you need to get up early. I get up early every morning, but I’m usually more concerned about my schoolwork and eating breakfast then taking pictures. Anyways, this morning I had a little extra time after getting ready for church, and the sun was shining in beautifully, so I snapped some photos.

Before I show you the photos, I want to take you back for a second to our family room a few years ago:

Yeah…this photo basically speaks for itself.
Boring, outdated, boring, outdated, boring and well…outdated. This is basically what our house looked like for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my house then (every gross, outdated, boring inch of it), I just love it a lot more now.

This is me “working” on the bookcase. For some reason my ridiculous mind thought it would be a brilliant idea to sit inside the shelf and take a photo. *rolls eyes* The result is me in my work clothes looking tired and dirty.

Here are my lovely footprints in the sawdust created by my sander. Yeah…another “brilliant” photo idea from my mind. 😉

Alright, so now with my old living room in your mind, and the above photos that prove that I obviously worked quite hard on this project, I present the new bookcase.

Basically I decided to go with stripes on the back paneling. Originally I wanted gray stripes but when I tried painting them, they just didn’t look right, they were too defined and I wanted them to be a lot subtler. I ended up painting over them with a lighter version on my tan accent wall color and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Everything in this space isn’t the exact way I want it (particularly that ugly, crooked lamp shade) , but I’ll undoubtedly be messing around with it for months to come so that’s why I decided to show it to ya’ll now.

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  1. >oh my gosh. I was so confused for a second. Serves me right for skimming. I saw the little note about it being 'me' in the picture and I stopped and looked closer then I scrolled down to you wedding pic then back up and I leaned in a little closer and thought to myself 'wow, someone really needs to tell her she should avoid taking photos of herself in her work clothes…she looks amazingly like a boy!'

    Then I realized where I'd made my mistake. ::head-desk::