Captured Cuteness!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last week or so.  Etta is really starting to want to move.  She actually rolled over from her back to front to back all by herself on her 6 month birthday.  In fact she kept doing it, which means that diaper changing time has changed forever! 

Lately we’ve been finding her sleeping on her side, which hopefully means, fingers crossed, the end of the bald spot is in sight!  I better kiss it for good luck first!

She also is getting so funny.  She loves to scrunch up her nose and breath in and out really fast and loud.  She loves to fake cough.  She likes to sing, and get really excited at the ends of our family and meal prayers, like she knows she needs to say Amen with us.

Oh and she moved into her bedroom at last… And we moved into the guest room, I know, but otherwise our bedroom is on the other side of the house, downstairs?  I don’t know who plans these houses, but they must think that babies come out ready to help themselves or something.   But, she has transitioned beautifully and didn’t have a bad night once.  Also because of the move, one of her favorite things is when we walk down the stairs, she knows there is a mirror at the bottom and we always cheer and smile at the cute baby she sees there.

She has been eating really well.  She now eats two meals a day and has been having rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, avocado, and green beans. She is still not sure about avocados, but we’ve gotten over the sick shudder from the green beans!   I think we are going to try squash today and carrots later this week. 

Okay, on to the pictures…

Nose scrunching at it’s finest!
Hanging out with Mommy.  Why yes that is about 15 clips in my hair, isn’t that where you store your clips?
So close, yet so far away.
Buddy’s getting too nervous to stay.
She has also found that toes are great to eat!
I love these thighs!  This is the knees lock position, no getting her to bend her knees now!
Forget getting dressed, and give me that camera.
Forget my clothes, I want the cat!
She was trying to watch Anne of Green Gables with me, yes I still watch that show, especially when I have projects to do, everyone needs a little diamond sunburst and marble halled -mumbo jumbo!
This is a Daddy expression.  It makes me laugh.
Hope that was fun!
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  1. >Love that "locked-knees" photo. My son loved sucking on his toes. It was adorable and kind of gross all at once. LOL