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Andy from Poppies at Play contacted me about a month ago asking if I would like to participate in this parade of homes, and I thought, “Sure, should be fun, and a month is like forever, I’ve got plenty of time”

Meanwhile, the month flies by and I do nothing (…you know what I mean, besides being on vacation for two weeks, coming home and actually getting unpacked, and being a Mom to a newly crawling baby, yikes!!)

And then, about a week ago, reality smacked me right in the face and said “You idiot!  You don’t have a single room in your house actually done!”

And I dropped my previously big head and cursed, “Bummer! You’re right!”

So uh… This ought to be interesting.

I guess I am here in the home show to help you feel better about your home!

And so welcome to my Parade of Homes… the reality version!  You see, I can tolerate an unfinished project for far too long without it even bothering me. In my minds eye, I see what the finished product will look like, so I have no fear.  And I tell myself that my house looks fine.  But to the outsider, it must seem like I live in a semi-zoo like exhibition of what happens to people who are chronic remodelers who are too busy to finish anything… and live amongst the mess.

The truth is I am nowhere near done on a house ’til I have to put it up for sale and I have no more time to work on it, period.

Wanna know what I mean, well here you go.  This picture was taken today of my entry and part of my living room…. Notice the bolt of fabric for the wing chair, the missing seats (in the craft room being recovered), the railing seems to be missing in action, and nothing really on the walls except a large rectangle of tape, strange…

Living Room and Entry
Here is the latest quick sketched plan, although I have already made a few changes, but you can sorta see what we have been up to.  I wrote two posts about it here and here.  
So that is a far as we have gone in that space. 
Backyard- The Coop
In our back yard we built a little hen house for our two hens. 
 (we started with 5 chicks (wanting to raise laying hens) and then two hens, long story short we raised 5 ROOSTERS, they have all been placed in new homes)  But we still have our trusty little girls.  
Libby and Sun (they are the last remaining “Ladies of Lost” on our little island)
We started by collecting other peoples garbage, (old 2 x4 etc, and we built our little coop from those recycled pieces)
I love this winter picture so I had to share it (I wish it snowed here more often)  
This summer, we added an addition, to the run so they could have a little more room and sun. 
One of my husbands favorite activities with our daughter Etta 
is feeding the girls, Libby and Sun treats when he gets home from work.
Laundry Room
Another one of those unfinished rooms, but vastly improved, 
so I have been living with it, while I work on something else (I may just have ADHD-tv ha. ha. just kidding I really don’t have time to watch TV, except Lost and Biggest Loser! ladies and gentlemen, that is must see tv)  Moving on.
I still need to figure out what hardware I want to use and finish the pantry side of the room so I can organize my dishes to display (I am a dish fanatic!).  Also, need to paint the walls and ceiling… and, and, and.. but it is getting there and we all need storage right?  We purchased these cabinets used and the Habitat Re-store for about $60.00 total.  (technically the doors, don’t match each other but we found a surplus store that sells some matching doors to the extra large ones, which happen to match our kitchen…)
Family Room
Our family room is always moving around, 
it is were I keep extra stuff, including our exercise equipment.  
And it is in mayhem right now, but this is what it looked like the last time it was presentable.
If you want to make an art piece like this Pottery Barn inspired piece now you can.  
Or do you need a room divider, why not make this screen too. 
I love these trunks.  The large one used to house our dress up clothes when we were little. 
 The suitcase, was a great-uncle’s WWII suitcase and I love them both.
Craft Room
I am still not nearly as done with this room as I would like to be, but it is getting there.  
I just need the solid day to organize and that is hard with a 9 month old baby, 
honestly, how do other mom’s do it?  Here are the last few posts about it one, two and three.
I am willing to show you one side of the room.  BUT I have to say, that darn window made it almost  impossible to get a decent picture at night or during the day they were all SO dark. 
 This is the best I could do. 
Master Bedroom
Technically I haven’ t actually started on the plans I have in my mind for this room.   I have painted the walls with some mis-mixed paint for some color and the room looks pretty decent.  I have major plans though for switching out some furniture, but here you go…(the madness never stops, it never stops I tell you!)

And Buddy, our cat came in specifically for me to photograph him sleeping on the bed.

Oh, also if you want some free plans for building a new headboard like the one we have,
 or faux Roman drapes check out those links. 
He looks kinda tough in this picture don’t let him fool you, he is a chubby hunk of furry love. 
Room Details:
I have a hand collection… That sounds weird.  But I am not, I hope.
Upstairs “Kids” Bath

A while ago, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and needed a project I could finish fast and so we did the relatively decent upstairs bath. I literally just went upstairs and took the final pictures about 2 minutes ago.  So I guess I can thank the Parade of Homes for kicking my behind in gear to actually get something done.

This project was on the cheap.  We had left over tile from our last house’s kitchen remodel here.  Wood from a friends old kitchen cabinets to use (we updated the vanity I have some instructions here, built a mirror frame and used the existing mirror, and built a cabinet for above the toilet basically free) and painted the walls.

We found a $15.00 light at Habitat Re-Store and a new faucet at Costco for $35.00 ( an now we regret we didn’t buy 3 more for the rest of the baths cuz they don’t have them anymore!)  I need to include befores, that is just how I do things.








Alrighty then people,
I think that is enough for today, cuz I really need to get off my computer
and get working on actually finishing a project.
If you want to see some of our old house remodels check them out here!
Proof that we actually can finish a project!!
Just to tease you a bit they look like this:


Next up Design Dazzle

Thanks Poppies at Play for inviting me!

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I will love you forever!

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  1. >Wow!! I wish I had your eye to see what things can become!! You guys really tackle some incredible projects!! That stairway is incredible!! I love your hand collection..very cool! And that Asheville kitchen makeover is stunning! I love the door too. Did you somehow take off the doggy door?

    Thanks so much for a fabulous tour!! Unfortunately it didn't at all make me feel better about my house.Lol.

  2. >YOU have been BUSY! Everything looks incredible! I'm LOVIN' your master bedroom! …AND your stairs transformation…GORGEOUS!

  3. >I love your chicken coop! We're building one right now, but I wish I had found yours before we started building, what an inspiration! 🙂

    Oh and of course, I love everything else too. Your home is soo beautiful.

  4. >Your house looks great and I can totally appreciate a "work in progress." Love that your chickens are named Sun and Libby. My dog is Hurley and my mom's cat it Desmond. Dang LOST! haha

  5. >You have such a beautiful home, I love before and afters and what you've accomplished is amazing!!

  6. >Oh my gosh girl – you are a talent!!! Thanks for sharing all your fabulous ideas. Thanks for linking : )