Create a Timeless Farmhouse Bathroom That Will Stand the Test of Time

HI Guys! It is Kristin from Postbox Designs E-Design back with another custom Mood Board JUST FOR YOU! I may be a designer, but I’m also a Mom of 3 so functionality, durability, and style (of course) always tops my list whenever I work on a project for a client or in my own home. And while it is fun to play around with trends in some areas of our homes (I’m a throw pillow hoarder), in some places you want classic and timeless. And a bathroom design is one of them. I’ve been designing bathrooms for over 13 years now and I have watched a LOT of trends come and go. Most people only remodel a bathroom once or twice in their lives so today I wanted to give you a bathroom that you will love years from now.

How to create a timeless farmhouse bathroom that is both Fixer Upper fashionable and classically designed | Best classic bathroom features | Best trending bathroom styles and accessories | Best bathroom paint colors

I know we all shed a tear when we found out recently that this season would be the last of Fixer Upper. We have all come to love the rustic, Farmhouse look-much in thanks to the Gaines. However, like many styles, shiplap will eventually be replaced by something new (blasphemy, I know!). So on first glance today’s Mood Board might look simply like another Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover. But I want you to look closely…a lot of the more rustic Farmhouse elements are in the accessories. Most of the main pieces (the ones that are costly and difficult to replace) are actually pretty classic looks.

But before I break down today’s Mood Board and show you where to buy everything, here are some bathrooms that hit the perfect mix of Farmhouse style while still being classic:

Classic Farmhouse Bathrooms

This bathroom is gorgeous with some elegant Farmhouse details. But this airy bathroom will feel just as beautiful years from now due to all of the classic elements:

Classic Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Pure Salt Interiors

This is one of my own makeovers. I helped my client turn her boring “builder bathroom” into a Farmhouse Bathroom with a polished look. Adding in delicate details like this arched mirror, polished plumbing, and marble flooring keeps it elegant.

Classic Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Postbox Designs

This Farmhouse Bathroom is actually quite rustic. But the wood ceilings, neutral shiplap, and matte black lighting fixtures are neutral and classic. I can imagine seeing this bathroom a decade ago or a decade from now and still loving it:

Classic Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Williams and Spade

A pedestal sink is always going to be beautiful. Add in a penny tile floor, white freestanding bathtub, and original wood you have a authentic Farmhouse look. They warmed up the white space with this vintage style dresser for extra storage (usually a must when using pedestal sinks).

Classic Farmhouse Bathroom Inspiration

Better Homes and Gardens



And finally here is today’s Farmhouse Bathroom Mood Board and how you can find all of these pieces for yourself! Just click below on each item number to take you right to the source:

How to create a timeless farmhouse bathroom that is both Fixer Upper fashionable and classically designed | Best classic bathroom features | Best trending bathroom styles and accessories | Best bathroom paint colors

Farmhouse Bathroom Sources (contains affiliate links)

1: cement tile   2: faucet   3: beaded chandelier   4: swing-arm sconce   
5: wood stool   6: towel   7: subway tile   8: wall hooks   
9: bathtub   10: vanity   11: mirror   
12 paint color, BM “Simply White”   13: tile  14: shower fixtures


5 Features of a Timeless Bathroom

1. Classic Plumbing Fixtures

Some people may not know this-but the finish of your plumbing fixtures can easily double or triple the cost! Finishes like oil rubbed bronze and nickel tend to be the highest, but I’m a huge fan of polished chrome for a lot of reasons.

  1. Polished Chrome is always the most cost effective.
  2. Polished Chrome is the most timeless (other finishes have come and gone, but PC has always been in the game!)
  3. It is the easiest finish to clean.

So while I want you to go with the finish you love, just remember-you are not looking at just a faucet, but also shower trim, bathtub faucet, toilet trip lever….the costs can add up. And these plumbing fixtures can be more complicated and costly to change out down the line. 

DESIGNER TIP: One of the biggest questions I get from my clients when designing a bathroom or kitchen: 

“Can you mix metal finishes?”

Yes! Yes! Yes! In fact, it is the best way to go. I would almost always use plumbing fixtures in the same finish. But then I would use a DIFFERENT finish for items like light fixtures and cabinet hardware. If you want to introduce a third finish (I wouldn’t do more than that), try a different finish for your mirrors.

2. Simple and Classic Shower Tile

Tiling your shower is one of the very most expensive places to tile: there are lots of cuts and corners that need to be made. And a shower has an entire system behind it to keep it waterproof, so replacing shower tile involves a lot more than simply the tile itself. So this is not a place to go trendy, but to stay neutral. I know subway tile is all the rage right now-but it is actually a pretty simple, classic look that has been around for decades. For that reason, I personally like the classic 3×6 size versus some of the elongated sizes, or different colors. When choosing your shower floor tile, be aware that not every tile is going to work! Typically you will want to stay at the 2×2 size or smaller (it minimizes a slippery surface), and the tile must be rated not only for a shower, but for a floor as well (for example you don’t want to use a glossy tile for your shower floor).

A note about natural stone: I love these gorgeous marble showers as much as the rest of you! But a warning: they are much higher maintenance. Any natural stone (marble, travertine, etc.) must be sealed on a regular basis. And if you happen to have hard water or well water, I would stay away from these materials as they can be etched or stained over time.

3: Simple Timeless Vanity

I loved this Pottery Barn vanity in the Mood Board because of its straight, simple lines and classic marble counter top. This wood vanity is a great way to warm up an otherwise very white bathroom. Another classic choice is a white Shaker style door vanity-this clean look stands the test of time. Again, this real marble is going to be more maintenance, so if this space is being used by kids (or you want next-to-no maintenance) try a quartz product instead.

4: Sleek White Bathtub

This sleek freestanding bathtub can fit into a myriad of styles, and white never goes out of style in a bathroom. If you are going to add a freestanding tub into your bathroom be aware that the special plumbing tends to be more expensive than the average tub filler. Fillers for freestanding tubs can be placed on the floor or the tub itself-so be sure you know which one your bathtub allows.

5: Classic Tile Flooring

I actually struggled with this one because cement tiles ARE going to be more trendy than a lot of other looks. But so many of my clients are wanting this gorgeous look incorporated into their bathrooms, so I decided to include it in my Mood Board above. I did decide to use a black and white pattern which I believe is going to last longer (and easier to work with down the line) than its colored counterparts. To go even more classic, try a mid-range gray tile, or wood floors. (If children will be using the bathroom I would suggest going with ceramic tiles made to look like wood floors).

If you want to see a more polished, neutural bathroom, you can also check out another Bathroom Mood Board I created for Remodelaholic and this 8 Tiles Under $10 Round-Up

Affordable Neutral Tiles for Bathroom and Kitchens


4 Places to Go Trendy In Your Bathroom

I’m certainly not suggesting a plain and boring beige bathroom simply so it won’t go out of style…I’m a designer and I LOVE pretty, fun, trendy things! 🙂 But for my own home and for my clients, I try to add these elements in places that are much easier to change out. So introduce your favorite trend in places like:

1. Popular Charming Light Fixtures

Swing arm fixtures are really fun and popular and this farmhouse style one in the Mood Board adds a lot of charm to the space. But it can easily be swapped out down the road. Same with this pretty beaded chandelier that could go over a bathtub, as general lighting, or in a toilet compartment. Also be aware that there ARE very strict codes regarding light fixtures over bathtubs! So double check with your contractor, or your area’s regulations, before adding one.

I actually think of lot of these bathroom light fixtures will stand the test of time, so you can also check out these 11 Bathroom Vanity Fixtures (that clock in at $85 or under!)


2: Stylish Cabinet Hardware

Any DIYer can pull off this update. If you love those gold and brass bathrooms, try adding pops of this metal in places like your cabinet hardware or light fixture. If you go gold for plumbing fixtures, just be aware it is a much more expensive swap that will likely require a plumber.

3: Contemporary Artwork and Accessories

These Turkish towels in the Mood Board add some color and texture to the space, without any permanent decisions.

4: Chic Mirrors

I actually think these metal mirrors are pretty classic looking and gender neutral. But you can get a great focal point for not a lot of time or effort. Be sure to look outside of “vanity mirrors” and look for mirrors originally designed for a living space, like Cassity used in her bathroom here.

5: Trending Paint Colors

The easiest and least expensive update. Make sure to go with a paint formulated for bathrooms for ultimate durability. Here are some of my favorites paints to use (in a bathroom or any other room!):

Favorite Paint Colors


I hope this Mood Board gave you some ideas and inspiration for your Dream Bathroom. And when designing your bathroom (or working with a designer) be sure to choose items that will stand the test of time. You can see more Bathroom Mood Boards or Farmhouses Style Mood Boards along with real Postbox Project makeovers right HERE. I also love to share free design ideas and answer your questions over on Facebook and Instagram. Or finally, check out my Bathroom Pinterest page and you will be sure to find images to inspire your next makeover.


Until next time,


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