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Katie at Sew Woodsy didn’t want boring white magazine storage boxes, so she spiced it up a bit, and showed us how she did it!

On a recent trip to Ikea I saw a 5 pack of plain white magazine holders for only $2. I knew these would be perfect for my new and improved craft room {once it’s done I’ll post pictures}. I immediately started brainstorming about how I wanted to make these. I went to the craft store took my inspirational color pallet with me (see the file cabinet makeover), and started matching other papers and patterns to it. In the end I came up with four different patterns and colors that would work well with this new room. What I love best about this project is that it cost me less than $10 to complete (factoring int he cost of the spray adhesive–w/o that cost it was less than $5!!!

Supplies you’ll need for this project: 
  • 1 pkg of 5 white cardboard magazine holders ($2 at ikea)
  • (10) 2 sheets each of coordinating paper 
  • spray adhesive
  • exacto knife
  • cutting mat
  • tons of newspaper to cover your surface


Each magazine holder requires two 12×12 sheets of scrapbook paper (or some fabric would probably work too). I first used modge podge to adhere the first sheet and I noticed that the paper was bubbling up, so I quickly switch to spray adhesive which worked best. If you’ve never worked with spray adhesive IT GETS EVERYWHERE!!! Beware of everything around you! I sprayed one piece of scrapbook paper then carefully placed it onto the magazine holder. I then carefully wrapped the excess paper onto its side.

*Here’s what it looks like folded. Next, you will take your exacto knife and carefully cut around the silhouet of the magazine holder removing the excess paper (don’t throw this away you will use the scraps for the next step pictured below).  You will repeat this step again trying to match the back piece as close as possible to the existing sheet so that they match up. Then cut off the excess. 

Next you will take the scraps of paper you just cut with the exacto knife and piece together the front portion. Remember you won’t see the front of the holder on the shelf you will see the back of the magazine holder. Apply more spray adhesive, and place the paper on the front. 

Here is what the finished product will look like. Now repeat all of the steps above to finish the remaining 4 magazine holders. 

Here are 4 of the 5 magazine holders resting on my bookcase! 
*As you can see I didn’t match all the seams of the paper up that well. If you can’t match the seams you could always use a third piece of scrapbook paper to make the back flow evenly! 

It sure does add some more interest to the shelf to see decorative magazine storage boxes instead of plain white, don’t you think?

*you might also be able to make some of these using old  cereal boxes, just make sure they are large enough to hold your magazines!!
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  1. >These look great, well done!
    Just a note about the cereal boxes, I've tried that and they are not strong enough. Or maybe it's just the boxes they use here in Italy, but I've tried various brands and they all broke very easily, magazines are too heavy.
    Thanks for sharing this! I'll def be doing something like this one day.

  2. >This project is the easiest for me to try. All the rest requires lots of work and some level of skill. I enjoy reading all the writings and wish I could do some more! Thanks for sharing!