DIY Cleaning Binder Printable + Editable Cleaning Calendars

Print a custom editable cleaning schedule and 12-week calendar with this cleaning binder printable pack and cleaning calendar template. Includes a spring cleaning checklist and homemade cleaning recipes. 

While you’re cleaning and organizing, print a custom magnetic chore chart for the family and use these custom printable pantry and spice labels to get organized. 

DIY Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Editable Cleaning Calendars, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic Monthly Cleaning Checklist Printable Calendar

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DIY Custom Editable Cleaning Binder + Chore Calendar Set

Spring cleaning season is here!

For us, the biggest obstacle to successful spring cleaning and regular home maintenance is having a plan in place.

So, in collaboration with our amazing sponsors at Canon, we’ve put together a colorful and organized cleaning binder printable set to help track and schedule your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines for adults and kids, plus a spring cleaning checklist for your seasonal home maintenance, too.

DIY Cleaning Calendar and Binder Printable Set with Custom Editable Cleaning Schedule, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic Custom Printable Binder Cover

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Household chores may never my favorite part of the day, but having a fun and colorful and *organized* binder helps.

That, and our latest favorite soundtrack will get us through just about any task, we’ve found! (Give me a shout-out if you’re obsessed, too!)


Editable Cleaning Calendar Printable Set

The printable editable cleaning calendar and binder set includes

  • a daily cleaning schedule
  • a weekly cleaning task list
  • a monthly cleaning chore calendar checklist

Each of these cleaning calendars has 2 versions: a prefilled cleaning sheet with common tasks and extra lines to write or type in your own tasks, and a blank version for you to write or type in all of your own custom cleaning jobs.

Editable Cleaning Schedule Weekly Checklist Binder, Remodelaholic

NEW this year, we’ve also added a 12-week cleaning schedule template!

Just enter your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, and the cleaning schedule generator PDF automatically fills in a 12-week cleaning schedule for you!

Automatic Editable Cleaning Schedule Creator Generator Makes Custom 12 Week Cleaning Calendar From Daily Tasks, Remodelaholic

You can add additional cleaning tasks (like those from our fall cleaning list and winterizing tasks checklist) as needed for your home, too.

Editable Cleaning Calendar Schedule Monthly Checklist Binder Spring Cleaning, Remodelaholic

Rounding out the cleaning worksheets, we’ve put together a thorough spring cleaning checklist for the interior and exterior of your home.

And if you’d like to add fall cleaning, winterizing tasks, and spring cleaning for your yard to your cleaning binder, we have printable worksheets for those at each of the links.

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What to Put In a Cleaning Binder

In addition to the useful cleaning calendars shown above, the editable cleaning binder set also includes 

  • 5 divider pages of colorful quotes
  • colorful cleaning binder front cover (with fillable name) and back cover
  • plus binder spine printable for 1″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ heavy duty binder

DIY Editable Cleaning Calendar and Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic (2)

Put the divider pages between sections of a household binder either in a regular page protector or in these snazzy tabbed page protectors.

I like having cleaning binder sections for regular cleaning calendars, seasonal cleaning checklists, cleaning recipes, and kids’ chore charts. I also like having a section with paper for notes about repairs, notes, etc.

Additional Kids’ Chore Chart

But wait, there’s more! 😉 

We’ve talked before about how important it is to involve the whole family in cleaning and organizing a home.

So we’ve also included a simple kids chore chart printable that you can customize for whatever tasks are appropriate for your child’s age.DIY Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic (8)

The cleaning binder set includes two pre-filled chore options (tidy, dust, wash, fold, and toss) or a blank sheet for adding five of your own tasks.

Want more chore options and tasks? Add this editable chore chart printable pack to your binder, too. 

Homemade Cleaning Recipes


And then to finish off the cleaning binder, we’ve also included three pages of homemade cleaning recipes.

Make your own cleansers for everything from all purpose cleaner to grout cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner to stain remover.

Add your own favorite recipes and skip Googling it again and again!

DIY Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic Homemade Cleaning Recipes Printable

How to Print and Use a Cleaning Schedule and Binder

We printed these colorful binder printables on our sleek and compact Canon TS-9020 and the colors are so bold and crisp!DIY Custom Cleaning Schedule and Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic (1)

You can print a new cleaning checklist for each day/week/month, or use sheet protectors and a dry erase marker or wet erase marker to mark off the tasks for each time period.

For kids chores, these large dot markers are really fun, and the novelty adds some excitement to doing chores.

When printing, we really like the added thickness of cardstock or matte photo paper for added durability, but regular weight printer paper will work as well.

DIY Cleaning Binder Printable Set, Spring Cleaning Checklist, And Kids Chore Chart @Remodelaholic Weekly Cleaning Checklist Printable

So now, all that’s left is print it and get started! I’d love to hear what cleaning strategies and schedules work for you and your household!

Do you have a favorite cleaning recipe you swear by? I’m always looking for new options to get the job done, spic and span!

Click the button below to purchase the printable file and get the cleaning binder printable set delivered to your inbox, and be sure to tag us at #imaremodelaholic to show off your pretty new binder… and your sparkling clean home! 😉

We partner with Canon each month to show you fun and easy print-at-home projects for holidays and every day, from decorating to organizing. 
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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Canon. The opinions and text are all mine.

Printable Cleaning Binder Set With Kids Chore Chart Spring Cleaning Checklist And Daily Weekly Monthly Cleaning Calendars @

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Cleaning Binder & Custom Cleaning Calendar

This 18-page editable cleaning binder printable pack will help you establish a cleaning schedule based on the custom tasks you actually need for your home. From the spring cleaning checklist to everyday cleaning recipes, this printable set is great for kick-starting a cleaning routine and staying on task with annual and semi-annual tasks, too.

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  1. Who ever came up with this plan and idea is a genius. Cleaning is quite tasking especially when you have a busy work schedule and most at time we forget some parts or just simply keep postponing. But this check list, you get inspired to do more and timely too.

    Cheers ti a happy home, kids get involved too.

  2. What a great idea, not only are you cleaning everything, but you are remembering to do it on a regular bases. Thanks for the printables.

  3. I wanted to print these because I’ve been looking for a way to get more organized since I recently went back to work full time. The link doesn’t work though, I keep getting an error message that the page is no longer there

    1. Sorry about that! I’ve fixed it now with the correct link to the file in the Remodelaholic Shop. Best of luck with your new job! <3

  4. Thanks for these calendars!
    By the way, do you wash the windows on both sides when doing some cleaning? It is a real challenge for many who live on high floors to wash the windows from the outside. But it’s amazing how the room transforms and becomes brighter with clean windows!