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Hi I’m Vidya from Whats Ur Home Story, back with a great project to kick start your holiday festivities.

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How to Make a Driftwood JOY Sign

This DIY driftwood finish JOY sign or rather the MDF board it is painted on was a Word art plaque in bad shape rescued from the clearance aisle at Home Goods. I got my hands on it about 3 years ago and made a half hearted attempt at refinishing it without having a clear idea of what I wanted do with it. The result….a pathetic looking whatever you want to call it.

joy sign

At the blogging conference, Haven I came across this wonderful DIY drift wood finish product. It is like a magic in that pouch; you mix the powder with water and brush it on a sanded wooden surface, even MDF as you can see, it makes the perfect drift wood finish!

create a driftwood finish @Remodelaholic

I used about half a teaspoon of the powder mixed with a cup of water. Follow the instructions on the packet and after 3 coats or so your MDF board will look weathered and drift woody. Now to make the stencils….oh I took the easiest route and printed them straight off my computer. It did take a few iterations of re-sizing and tweaking to make it fit to the size of the board.

joy sign diy @Remodelaholic

With an Exacto knife I cut the letters out, taped it to the board, and went to town with a stencil sponge and Kilz primer.

joy sign @Remodelaholic

Once the primer was dry I repeated the sponge painting with 2 coats of Red acrylic paint. After a light sanding with a fine grit sandpaper to give it an aged look it was time to embellish.

holiday sign diy @Remodelaholic

I used small nails next to the letters to hang a bell garland that I found at the Dollar Store last year. And voila!

Driftwood JOY sign @Remodelaholic

One project crossed off my holiday decorating list! Have you started your holiday decorating yet?


We love holiday decorating! You can try my spin on the classic “JOY” sign here with this string art:

String Art Tutorial Joy Sign Christmas art @remodelaholic #christmas #art

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