DIY Stair Slide, or How to Add a Slide to Your Stairs

There are so many ways to update stairs — take up the carpet, use a runner, paint, restainreplace the railing, build a new banister/newel post, add fabric, to name a few — but not all of them are FUN like Erin’s stairs are now. For kids or kids at heart… just add a slide to your stairs!

Amazing and SO FUN! Add a slide to your stairs. Fun for the kids, plus it's easily removable for when you need the full width of the stairs to move furniture, or to move it to a new house! Tutorial from DecorAllure on

Read below for the details of Erin’s simple DIY stair slide, and consider adding these other kid-fun features to your home too… they’re only little for a little while, so make it FUN!
bunkbed playhouse, Remodelaholic
kids playing in the indoor treehouse loft, I Am Hardware featured on Remodelaholic
indoor treehouse play loft, I Am Hardware on Remodelaholic
Under the stairs kids play house (18)
playhouse under the stairs, Joy2Journey on Remodelaholic
diy indoor swing
DIY indoor swing, The Rozy Home for Remodelaholic

See more fun basement rec room and play room ideas here — and here’s Erin with the details of her stair slide:
What a fun idea! This easy DIY stair slide would be so fun on a wide set of stairs, plus it's easy to remove when you need to move things up the stairs, etc.

DIY Stair Slide
by Erin of Décor Allure

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Hello, DIYers! My name is Erin from Décor Allure. I’m a full-time mom of six kids, active in my church’s women’s group, avid decorator and world’s worst blogger ( I really just do it to share our projects with friends, family and any curious diy-ers like us.) My amazing and handy engineer husband loves to help me find ways to make our home beautiful, but totally unique.

One of the fun projects we did together in our last house in Chicago, was finishing our basement (with a crazy tube slide) HERE. We also recently finished off an attic space in our current Houston home that includes a two-story climbing passage HERE. We also added a built-in bench in our eating nook HERE that I’ve always wanted to do on one of our homes and this one was the perfect set up for one!

Today, I want to share how we added a slide to our stairs (since everyone was so sad to leave the slide in our last house!) It was actually a pretty easy project. We dreamed up all kinds of different ways we could do it, but ended up with just doing a fairly simple, but sturdy design. Our stairs were wider than usual so we knew we had room to add the slide and still have room to walk up and down the stairs (there is still 27″ next to the slide.) We also didn’t have a wall right in front of you when you get to the bottom of the stairs (we have 5 feet of space before that corner! There is more space for landing than the pictures show.) Finally, we wanted it to be easily removable for when we needed to move furniture.

I need this in my house for sure! DIY stair slide, with a super easy tutorial, plus the slide is easy to remove if needed for moving furniture up the stairs, etc. DecorAllure on
DIY indoor stair slide, with a super easy tutorial, plus the slide is easy to remove if needed for moving furniture up the stairs, etc. DecorAllure on
DIY indoor stair slide, with a super easy tutorial, plus the slide is easy to remove if needed for moving furniture up the stairs, etc. DecorAllure on
Amazing!! Add a kids slide to your existing stairs by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
DIY indoor removable slide over existing stairs by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
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How We Made Our Stair Slide:

1. After we decided on a width of 18″ for our slide, we cut 3/4″ sanded plywood into 2 lengths. We needed almost 9 feet in length. Plywood is only 8feett long, so ours required a seam.
Tutorial for indoor slide installed over existing stairs and completely removable by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
2. We attached the two lengths with 3 metal mending plates. The seam was placed between two stairs, about a 1/4 of the way down, so that the plates didn’t make the slide sit up on the stair edges (you want all of the slide to sit on the stair edges to give it support all the way down.)
3. We sanded not only the seam smooth, but the beginning and end edges to get rid of any sharp edges (it also makes it lower-profile to prevent tripping.)  The triangular supports were also sanded smooth so it didn’t cut into the carpet much.
7 Step by Step instructions for stair slide by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
4. Triangular supports were cut to the depth and height or our stairs and attached in four places on each side by screws from the top and L brackets underneath.
8 How to support a kids slide installed over existing stairs by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
5. From underneath, we screwed on a low-profile handrail (similar to this) directly on the top of the right side of the slide.
6. Flush mounting brackets (we got larger ones from Rockler Woodworking) were attached on the wall and the triangular supports. We ended up only using two sets to make it easier to align when taking on and off. They’re really only needed to assure that the slide doesn’t move forward as the kids go down (all the weight is on the stair edges and the supports.) These mountings allow for the slide to be right up to the wall, not leaving a gap where little fingers could be caught.
9 Interlocking brackets for preventing a gap between shelf and wall by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic
7. Finally, we painted with a good enamel paint (I used Sherwin Williams) in a gloss finish and white to match our home’s molding. The slide was super fast without the paint, so I’m glad the paint slowed it down. I still insist on a cushion at the bottom.
10 Kids stair slide, DIY Tutorial by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic


11 Add fun to your home with a stair slide for your kids, complete tutorial by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic


12 Removable stair slide DIY project by Decor Allure featured on @Remodelaholic

It is an absolute hit with both the kids and the adults! We’re so glad we did it! Thanks for letting us share it with you!


Erin, this is SO fun! Thank you so much for sharing!

Remodelaholics, Erin might call herself the world’s worst blogger, but I guarantee you are going to want to check out her stuff at Decor Allure! Amazing projects, like her previous basement remodel with the other slide she mentioned, plus this cool built-in bookshelf and a swing! And this attic playroom which has a climbing platform tower to get to it — enclosed in an empty wall in the entryway. Seriously so cool!

basement rec room with recessed built-in bookshelf under a soffit

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  1. My kids could’ve used a slide, they’d always go down the stairs bumpety bump on their butts, which I always thought must’ve been painful. Nice job! (p.s. one of the members of my bloggers club was looking for a great remodel website and I recommended you a few months ago, you guys are awesome)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Mary Beth! And my kids do the same thing… I wouldn’t be able to walk if I bumped down the stairs on my bum like they do! 🙂

  2. Hi there!

    This is so wonderful! Planning to build one for our two year old son and the instructions are just so easy to follow! I was wondering why a low-profile handrail was used instead of a higher edge along the left side (6 inches or so)? Is it possible to go over the edge onto the stair due to the low-profile edge?

    I was hoping to make ours foldable against the wall and only 4-5 feet long since we live in a smaller place and storage is not available for the slide when not in use.

    Thanks for sharing this, it is the best slide DIY I’ve come across. 🙂

  3. I can’t be the only person who sees this as a possible ramp for their elderly pets? lol I know this type of thing exists, but I needed the HOW to for the indoor stairs. I think I could add intermittent slats and then carpet over. Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes I was wondering the same thing. We are hoping to make one for our boys for Christmas and wanted an idea as we are planning it.