The Ceiling Cover-up

When we first bought into our house, there was so much to be done, that we kind of just went from room to room changing this and that, but not really accomplishing anything on a whole.  Finally, we decided to just clean up the basement and live there off and on, while we went full speed on the main floor.  Now, with those projects coming to a point of “livability”  (notice, I am not saying “finished”…) our basement has been on my mind.  I am wishing they looked like this, with amazing plank ceilings!
Beautiful planked ceiling

gorgeous plank and beam ceilingIt is just one of those things, I am always trying to figure out the next step for our projects.  One MAIN issue in our basement are all the cray-cray ceilings.  I am telling you, they are BAD!  In our office we have an old school tile.  They were all water damaged and stained, but I didn’t want to remove them yet, so we just painted.
painting tile ceilings
Yes, painting it made a huge difference, but they are still NOT my favorite and are sorta wobbly and trashed…
painted tile ceiling
But if you think it is bad to have these, it can be worse.  One of the rooms, was SO water damaged that half of the ceiling had fallen out.  Leaving a BIG old mess that truly needs to be covered up!
ugly ceilings -- can't wait to cover this up!
And in the other main space, we literally taped seams with masking tape, just to keep the dust out… (we keep it classy ’round here!)
family room ceiling
Do you feel my basement ceiling pain?  I feel it acutely!!  Sometimes these projects are just so hard!
I LOVE the idea of fixing these crazies up!  I think often the ceiling gets forgotten, but round here, it is so bad, there is no looking away!  I LOVE the plank board-ceiling look (that is a technical term…?!?)  I would love to try that.
Then I saw this video, (first of all the video is sorta hilarious!  But I have to admit LOVE the look of these Armstrong plank ceilings!  I love how fast the install is, I totally want to do it!!

What do you guys think?

I did a little research of before and afters using this product.  NOT bad!

Armstrong planked ceiling makeovers

Great added texture with this plank ceiling!No more popcorn ceilings! Armstrong planked ceiling makeovers #thecoverup

Cover up old popcorn ceilings!  ( I wish I had this product 8 years ago in my Asheville house!)
Easy way to give your ceiling character ! Armstrong planked ceiling makeovers

Tin tile ceiling look!  Fun for older historic remodels!

Okay, so not sure when I can get all this taken care of.  We need to get all the electrical fixed too down stairs, but I can’t wait for cool plank ceilings!!

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*Thanks to Armstrong ceilings for sponsoring this post.  All opinions, (and all the really ugly ceilings) are ALSO my own.


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