DIY Wood Bunting with Fabric Letters

Remodelaholics rejoice — Jaime is back! She’s here today for Deck The Walls, and she’ll be sharing her tip-top building skills here regularly, too! Check out this easy-peasy way to use up some wood scraps while adding some color and personality to a room with these wood pennant banner: 

Use up fabric and wood scraps to make this cute wood bunting, perfect for a party or a child's room

How to Make a Wood Bunting

Hello Remodelaholic readers! Jaime here from That’s My Letter to share a wood bunting project today.  I build, paint and sew everything sharing all my projects and the step by step instructions on my blog but I’m also a periodic contributor here at Cassity’s place and I’m happy to be back joining everyone and sharing diy projects and inspiration.

Let’s make this wood bunting today and I’ll show you how using ½” plywood scraps.

wood bunting 1

This makes a great gift for a new baby or a child’s birthday, or make it in colors to coordinate with your party decorations and you have inexpensive wall decor that will last a lot longer than any paper banner.

wood bunting 2



– 1/2″ wood scraps

– cotton fabric scraps (background and lettering)

– brass grommets

– jute rope

– miter saw, measuring tape, pencil

– rotary cutter, ruler, self healing mat

– spray adhesive

– iron, ironing pad, scissors

– double sided fusible interfacing (heat ‘n’ bond)

– lightbox

– drill and drill bits

* Follow all safety precautions when using power tools.*


wood bunting step 1


Step 1: Cut 1/2″ plywood scraps into triangle shapes.  It will go fast if you have one board at 7 3/4″ wide then set your miter saw at the desired angle and make cuts flipping the board over every cut in order to get a triangle shape.

wood bunting sketch

wood bunting step 2


Step 2: Stain the triangle pieces and let dry.  Cut fabric pieces 1/4″ smaller than wood triangle on sides and 1/2″ smaller at top.

wood bunting step 3


Step 3: Apply spray adhesive to wrong side of fabric triangles.

wood bunting step 4


Step 4: Press sticky fabric onto wood triangle and smooth.

wood bunting step 5


Step 5: To make lettering prepare a piece of scrap fabric with heat’n’bond double sided fusible interfacing.  Iron one side of fusible (the side without the paper) onto the wrong side of the fabric.

wood bunting step 6


Step 6: Print out desired letters.  I use Ariel font bold.

wood bunting step 7

Step 7: Place print out letter face side down onto light box.

wood bunting step 8


Step 8: Place right side of fabric on top of letter and trace onto paper backing.

wood bunting step 9


Step 9: Cut out letter.  Be sure to keep paper backing on until you are ready to iron letter in place.  For another look at how to make iron on fabric letters see my post here.

wood bunting step 10

Step 10: Peel paper backing off letter and iron in place onto background fabric.  Predrill holes for grommets at top corners. (Use a drill bit about same size or slightly smaller than grommet.)

wood bunting step 11

Step 11: You want grommet to be snug.  Place grommet over hole and hammer down in place.          use metal grommets on triangles of scrap wood to make a cute fabric and wood bunting


Once all grommets are in place thread the jute string through the top and your wood bunting is now ready to hang!DIY wood and fabric triangle banner (bunting) -- the perfect scrapbuster!


Hope you enjoyed this scrap wood project and think twice next time about throwing out scraps!

Looking for more diy projects using wood, fabric and paint?  For a quick glimpse at my work check out this diy outdoor rolling console.  Or for a sewing project I made zippered pouches from an apron here.  And I recently put together this diy Wonka themed birthday party for those crafty folks out there.

Jaime signature



Thanks for sharing, Jaime — this is perfect for a kid’s room or party!

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