Drop-Down Outdoor Buffet Table

Summer is drawing to a close, but, around here, the evenings will stay warm and perfect for get-togethers for a bit yet. And this awesome fold-up outdoor buffet table will only take you a few hours to build, so you can have it up and ready for your end-of-summer and Labor Day parties!

Drop-Down Outdoor Buffet Table | Simply Swider featured on Remodelaholic.com #outdoor #entertaining #reclaimedwood

What does your outdoor entertaining space look like?

Read below for the full details on Stephanie’s outdoor buffet, or you could try your hand at an outdoor coffee table:

bucket patio coffee table, via Remodelaholic
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or a full outdoor kitchenette!

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And here’s the outdoor buffet tutorial from the lovely and talented Stephanie:

How to Build a Mounted Outdoor Buffet Table
by Stephanie from Simply Swider


Hi! I’m Stephanie and I live over at Simply Swider where I blog about my home renovations and DIY projects with my husband and two girls. For the most part I am the designer in the relationship, while my hubby is the sexy carpenter. We make a great team. My favorite projects are when I can take old and neglected materials and turn them into something new amazing like the pallet moose head that hangs over my fireplace and the faux window flower boxes I made from our old kitchen windows.

Today, I am going to share how I made a drop down table from an old playset for my screened in porch. This table is perfect for tight spaces where you entertain but don’t always want a table in the way. I love the industrial feel of the reclaimed wood and chains on this table, plus it was practically free to make. If you are starting with new wood instead of reclaimed wood check out my tutorial on aging wood with paint and stain to get an aged look!

This project started with this pile of debris from an old playset we took down. A lot of the wood was trash, but there were a few good pieces that had that perfectly aged patina that only spending years in the great outdoors can give to wood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI started by scouring for 3 good pieces of wood that I then cut using a chop saw to fit perfectly between the doors and windows in our porch. Using a nail gun I attached 3 pieces of scrap wood running vertically along the back of the reclaimed wood to hold the table top together. The scrap wood will not be seen when the table is complete, so feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, I cut 3 more pieces of the reclaimed wood to the same length as the table top and using a nail gun attached them to the other side of the scrap wood. The scrap wood should now be sandwiched between the reclaimed wood as seen below.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow that the table top and bottom are constructed you’ll need to finish off the edges. Depending on the look you want you can use more of the same reclaimed wood or do as I did and create a border. I had some cedar laying around so using the chop saw I cut them to cover all of the edges of the table. You’ll notice in the picture below that I cut the long sides slightly longer than the table top so that the corners would meet perfectly.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce the table top was completely constructed I gave it a quick and light sanding to remove some dirt. I was careful not to sand too deeply because I wanted the wood to retain it’s weathered patina.

Next, I screwed a 1×4 trim piece that I had laying around into the existing vinyl siding to give me something solid to attach the table to. Make sure to screw the 1×4 into the studs so it will hold the weight of the table. I later painted the trim to match the vinyl siding.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe table is attached to the wall in two ways. First, I attached two hinges to the bottom of the table. These were screwed into the 1×4 trim I had already attached to the wall. Next, I hung the table from chain I had left over from a previous project. The chain is attached to the vinyl siding with a screw into a stud and by a screw into the side of the table. I also added a hook to the side of the table that simply connects to the chain to keep the table closed.

use hinges and chain to hang an outdoor wood buffet, Simply Swider on RemodelaholicThe table is now complete and ready for use! I was worried that it would be too heavy, but its actually super sturdy. I wouldn’t stand on it, but it holds drinks and toddlers perfectly. Here’s a great shot of the top of the table which I simply finished with a quick rub down in coconut oil.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt fills the space between the doors and windows perfectly. We use it quite frequently as an outdoor bar, so guests don’t have to keep traipsing back into the house for refills.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd I love that when we are not using the table it can be stored up and out of the way. While we use it as an outdoor buffet I could easily see this being used indoors as a desk or console where space is limited.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI simply love the kind of project where I can use all my left over scraps in my garage! Not only did this project only take 1 day to complete, but it only cost me $4 for the hinges and hook since I had everything else on hand! I am already looking forward to using it to display cupcakes and gifts at my daughters birthday next month.



Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing! I love the idea, and I love that you were able to do it for FOUR BUCKS!

Remodelaholics, go pay Stephanie a visit over at Simply Swider and check out her awesome fireplace makeover and the lazy homeowner’s guide to a really green lawn

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