Patchwork Distressed Side Table Revamp

Submitted by Remade Simple

This side table was sitting in a dark corner of my aunt and uncle’s basement.
My cousin, who is moving into a downtown loft apartment has been looking for tables to
furnish his new place and he saw the potential for this piece.
I was happy to take on the challenge of revamping it for him and his girlfriend.
I have been fascinated by patchwork salvage furniture I’ve seen,  but not so hot about the prices (hundreds and hundreds of dollars when I can recreate the look myself??) I got to experiment first with this project and am really happy with the results. Curious? Read on to see what I did:
I used these materials by DecoArt as my accent colors and brushes for the project.
After priming the table, I brushed these acrylic colors in strips on all of the areas of the table
that had separate sections of wood, along with a muted yellow latex paint sampler ( believe it was Glidden eggshell paint in “Crisp Ginger Ale”.

I allowed to dry before I coated the table completely with a light latex gray eggshell.

I then allowed the top coat to dry for a full day before my final sanding,
which I did using 100 grit sandpaper with an electric sander.

Hideous looking at this point–but look below
to see what sanding the final top layer revealed!
The table now has a similar effect of those expensive salvage wood pieced together tables and chests. I love how all the colors subtly show through underneath. I finished the project with a protective coating of Deco Art Acrylic Sealer. It left the table feeling as smooth as satin.
 I hope Kevan and Anna like the end result as much as I do!
I can’t wait to try this technique on some pieces of my own furniture next. Stay tuned as I reveal more revamps…Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love this look, thanks for sharing the technique! Around the edges of the drawer & doors looks extra dark – was that a coat UNDER the stuff that shows in the painted shot, or something applied after sanding? Totally want to try this, so I’d love to know!

  2. I love it. I like that you used multiple colors. I am looking to create a kitchen buffett out of an old dresser. I am going to remove a couple drawers and make that into a wine rack. Also on the door of the dresser I will cut out the center and replace with glass. I think this type of finish would be perfect. I may choose to use a black top coat instead of the white that you used. Do you think this would look ok?

    1. Scott, You can always try it, i am not sure the colors would pop as much off of black and the black top coat, might actually stain the paint from below… but all you can do is try?