Can you see what we had for the first time at church this Sunday?

I just can’t help it, who cares if Mom has dripping wet hair(at least I showered), but Etta…
Seriously, she had just enough hair for an adorable ponytail, could you have stopped yourself?

 And, to top it all off, she is wearing my baby blessing dress. I was a big baby (11 lbs), so I didn’t fit into the blessing dress my sisters had worn, my Mom made this. I had to have her wear it as soon as I could get her in it! She is such a doll! 

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  1. >I just want to squish her! It's all I can do not to hop a plane or bus to come kiss that chubby cheeked face. You're amazing to even be thinking about house projects but I do forget how having just one isn't quite as overwhelming as FIVE! The idea of even putting up painters tape is stressful to both me and Greg. He did replace a window recently but it was a necessity more then a household improvement. Anyway, I love Etta even from a distance and love every update so keep them coming.