3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two

I think we all have spaces in our home that have to work double-duty. Most often, these rooms are guest rooms that are needed for another use during the times when there are no guests. Our guest today created a flex room that works as both an everyday play room and a guest room — with two different guest configurations!

3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two | featured at Remodelaholic.com #flexroom #guestroom #playroom @Remodelaholic

When guests do come to stay, one thing that they will need every time is a bed. To fit a bed and the other necessary furniture in the room, it often requires creativity, such as…

using a daybed that can also function as seating (a fold-out couch bed would work, too)

flex room as bedroom and office, iVillage
via iVillage

installing a murphy bed that folds right into the wall or looks like another piece of furniture

murphy bed, Joy 2 Journey on Remodelaholic
Joy 2 Journey on Remodelaholic

or tucking a desk into a closet

flex room with office in closet, HGTV
via HGTV

And now, here’s Jen to share the details of her flex room:

3-in-1 Flex Room
Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two

by Jen of de Jong Dream House

Hi! I’m Jen from de Jong Dream House. I live with my Dutch husband, Niels, and our four-year-old aspiring rocket scientist in Ohio. When I’m not reading about space shuttles or the solar system, you can probably find me testing out a new culinary creationorganizing whichever area of our house is most in need, or trying to figure out where to put another photo gallery. I’m super excited to be here at Remodelaholic to tell you about one of the most-used rooms in our house, our flex room.

Shortly after my husband and I married six years ago, we started dreaming about the house we would build someday for our unique family. Someday came two years ago when we broke ground on the de Jong Dream House. I live with a brain injury, so we are keenly aware of how quickly life can change and our abilities and mobility can be hindered. We like having our bedroom on the second floor near our young son, but we knew we wanted a second master bedroom on the first floor when our aging bodies no longer cared for the stairs. Since our immediate family is spread around the world, we knew we needed to have a in-law suite that was comfortable for longer stays. We designed the first floor master with a walk-in closet, wheelchair-accessible bathroom, separate heating/cooling zone, and private door to the back porch. We also have a main level laundry in the mudroom right outside the door which is used for kitchen linens. While this room was great for guests, we didn’t want to waste space having a room that was only used a few times a year. It needed to have an everyday purpose as well.

With these three purposes in mind, our flex room was born!

3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two | featured at Remodelaholic.com #flexroom #guestroom #playroom @Remodelaholic

For quite awhile after we moved in, the room looked like this. Pretty basic. And a little festive.

flex room before
We used the bedding and decor from our old master bedroom.
flex room before 2
Between the taller ceiling and greyish tint to our green walls, we knew we needed to make a few changes, but sometimes you just need a little motivation. Our motivation came in the form of a sick boy. In the battle of the flu versus the comforter set, let’s just say the flu won.
Rest in peace, brown and green comforter set.
I found a green and gray comforter set on clearance at Marshalls, which was great, but it really pointed out how much we needed to change the artwork, which I was happy to do with Amsterdam print we had picked up at Ikea a few months back.
flex room before 3
When I was changing the bed skirt, I remembered that the bed is a European king, which means it is essentially two twins. I got excited about the idea of pushing them against the wall to give our son more room to play.
flex room, split beds
Ditching brown bedding for gray meant that we needed new curtains. I made my own out of a bedsheet I found on sale at Big Lots. Those happy sheets you see above are from my college days. Fun fact: European twin is not the same as American twin. 
One trip to Target later, we had nice stretchy jersey sheets and new twin comforters on our new “sectional.” 
flex room with low art print
The print was too low when we hung it on the old nails, but we couldn’t adjust the height until we made a decision about a headboard. We don’t have a headboard in our room yet, but we wanted to get one for this room because we are in it…a lot. 
We shopped our favorite haunts and found one on clearance at Wayside Furniture. It was just what we wanted for about a third of what we figured we’d have to spent. All because of a tiny little scratch on the leather that is covered by the bed. 
We had a few days before the headboard was ready for pick up, so we made a temporary headboard out of tape so we could put up the print. 
flex room, headboard prep
This worked out well. 
flex room, headboard prep with walla rt
Because we had a few days, I added tape tufting. 
flex room, headboard prep with tape tufting
Then the flu struck again.
flex room as sick room

I took a shopping spree and found these cool lamps at TJ Maxx. They replaced the much too small and dark little lamp we had before, and inspired us to bring our coffee table (which pulls into two pieces) from the great room into this room.

flex room, new lamps

When we were all healthy again, we were able to pick up our headboard and play dress up with our new flex room.

flex room, headboard test


Option #1: Guest Suite

The de Jong Resort & Spa is open for business!
3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two | featured at Remodelaholic.com #flexroom #guestroom #playroom @Remodelaholic
flex room as guest room with king bed

Option #2: Room for Two

For those times when our guests may not want to share a bed. 
3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two | featured at Remodelaholic.com #flexroom #guestroom #playroom @Remodelaholic
flex room as double guest room

Option # 3: Play Room

Our new default setting. Plenty of room for trains and Legos. Lots of space for family movie nights.
3-in-1 Flex Room: Guest Suite, Play Room, and Room for Two | featured at Remodelaholic.com #flexroom #guestroom #playroom @Remodelaholic
flex room as everyday play room
Now for a few details.

The total time elapses from the moment I realized the king bed was two twins to the “after” photos was about a week. Most of that time was spent checking out my favorite thifty home shops: TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, Value City Furniture, and a few local secondhand shops. A good couple of days was spent waiting for the headboard to come in.

The only purchases we made were the bedding (two sets), lamps, and headboard, all for about $400. Everything else we already had on hand.

A big thank you to Justin and Cassity for letting me share our flex room. 

I love this room! Such a smart way to make your furniture and space work for you on a day-to-day basis and also when visitors come. Thanks for sharing, Jen!
Be sure to head over to The de Jong Dream House to see what else Jen and Niels have done with their home. 

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  1. That is definitely a creative use of space and furniture but I think I would prefer a murphy bed that would be up and out of the way instead of having to move all that furniture when people came over. You could also be guaranteed that there would be no popcorn crumbs that crept into the top sheets while you were watching a movie on your “couch” before the guests came.

  2. What an absolute great idea! I actually have two twin beds for my daughters room, but have had a the hardest time deciding on configuration based on wall space and window placement. Love your multipurpose room!

  3. This is a great idea! I have a room upstairs used as a playroom and doubles as a guest room. Needed an idea on how to make it work as both. This is it. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. What are the dimensions of the room ypundidnthis too? I love it, but I’m not sure my room is big enough.