Custom Name Printable Place Cards + Thanksgiving Quote Printable

Add the perfect finishing touch to your Thanksgiving table setting with these printable place cards. The fillable PDF file makes it easy to have custom printed name cards for any special dinner occasion. 

Thanksgiving is easily one of the best holidays. Chilly autumn weather + family and friends + the best comfort foods + PIE + the coziness (and smells) of the oven running all day = complete satisfaction.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

When you’re hosting a big dinner, the food is the star (of course!) but the table setting can be the crowning detail. So of course, we’ve got you covered there with an effortlessly easy printable place card set with custom names to make your guests ooh and aah. Choose from 4 designs to match your table setting, or mix and match all 4!

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4 Custom Printed Place Cards for your Thanksgiving Table

Get the custom printed place cards HERE

For our monthly collab with our sponsors at Canon, we have designed 4 custom name printable place cards for your Thanksgiving table and 1 design transfer. These beautifully designed place cards will fool your guests into thinking you went all-out on table décor, when in reality it was a simple case of Type. Print. Cut. Place. Done.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

Nothing really beats hand-calligraphy, but the stunning typefaces on these printable name cards are definitely a close second.

If you have fantastic handwriting or just want that extra touch of personalization, you can print the name card of your choice on cardstock or matte photo paper without typing any names and fill them in by hand using a paint pen.

For those of us with less than beautiful handwriting, just download and type in the names.

Read below to see more details of the 4 designs and click here to purchase this 5-page printable name card set.

Thanksgiving Printable Placecards With Custom Names, Page Preview #remodelaholic

Remember, as with all of our customizable printables, make sure that you are opening the file in Adobe Reader and not in your web browser’s PDF viewer. 

Printable Name Card Style #1: Autumn Leaves

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

The first name card style features watercolor painted autumn leaves for a lovely festive look. Prints with hand-lettered style name and 5 different colored leaves (8 cards per page).

Printable Name Card Style #2: Fruit Wrap

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

The second printable place card is a wrap style name card. We really love how sophisticated this card looks wrapped around a piece of fruit and set on a plate.

After cutting, wrap each card around a pencil to curl the paper and drape around whatever pieces of fruit you have left over from baking. Even small pumpkins would be perfect for this.

Prints with hand-lettered style font, 11 place cards per page. 

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

See also: Beautiful and Simple Pumpkin Tablescape Ideas

Printable Name Card Style #3: Napkin Wrap

The printable place card pack also includes this classic napkin wrap design. The farmhouse vibe looks great with basically any combos you can think of.

Wrap it around your napkins by itself or tuck your silverware or some fun foliage (we love these with fall leaves, a pine sprig, wheat/barley/sorghum, or your favorite fresh herb) underneath. We found it works best to fold your napkin first, then wrap the card around and secure with tape or glue.

Prints with hand-lettered cursive font, 3 napkin wraps per page. 

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

Printable Name Card Style #4: Simple Calligraphy Tag

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

For those who want a beautiful, simple and traditional name card, this is the easiest custom printed place card you’ll find! Versatile and easy to use any way you want.

Want to use it like a tag hanging from a ribbon or twine from your napkins? Do it.

Want to set it up in a festive holder? Love it. Want to tuck it into a couple prongs of your forks? Definite yes.

Want to just drop it on top of a plate? Looks fab. Want to use it for every holiday dinner of the year? Perfect.

Prints with calligraphy style font, 10 per page. 

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

We hadn’t tried printing on textured paper yet with our Canon PIXMA-TS9020 so we decided to try with this tag to take it up a notch. As you can see it printed SO WELL! We punched a hole in one end to make a tag and hung them from jute twine and velvet ribbon and tried a festive stand, too.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

For our stand we used pine cones and cut a little notch in the middle to stick the name card into. A hacksaw or even the saw-toothed attachment on a multi-tool will do the trick. If you don’t want to or don’t have the time to DIY a place card stand, we have some great Amazon picks: branch cuts, gold pumpkins, variety color pumpkins, birch twigs, wood blocks, wood half rings, faux pine cones.

Printable Thanksgiving Quote Design Transfer

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

This cute project literally requires only 2 things in addition to the printable: a tree trunk slice and piece of paper with a shiny, slick side (like wax paper or freezer paper). This method of transferring images or text is allllll over the internet and Pinterest – and for good reason too. If you’ve done this before you know how easy it is, and if you haven’t, be prepared to have your mind blown. It’s seriously too easy.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

Here’s how to use the printable transfer design and put it on a wood slice:

Step 1: Trim a piece of paper that has a shiny, slick side down to 8.5” x 11” so it will fit into your printer. We used freezer paper because that’s what we had on hand but you can use any type of paper that has a slick side – wax paper, sticker backing paper, even a trimmed sheet protector.

Step 2: Print page 5 of the printable onto the slick side of your paper using an inkjet printer. Because of the nature of this transfer, the design needs to be mirrored so we went ahead and did that step for you. Printing on the slick side of the paper will make it so the ink pools on top rather than being absorbed into the paper, allowing the ink to be transferred elsewhere. This picture shows the ink in the little droplets on the freezer paper.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

Once you have printed it, make sure NOT TO TOUCH it as the ink is still wet and will stay wet fairly indefinitely.

Step 3: Flip the paper, design side down, onto your tree trunk slice, holding firmly. You only get one shot on positioning because if you move the paper once it has touched the wood it will smear the transfer (ours ended up a little off-center but we think it still looks great).

Step 4: Rub the paper firmly (without shifting it) all over the design area so you transfer all those ink droplets onto the wood, then remove the paper.

Step 5: If you want, at this point you can seal the transfer to help it last through the years. Spread a thin layer of ModPodge or spray a sealer and allow to dry.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

We really love how this looks underneath a clear glass plate. You could also use it as a display in a plate easel or hang it on your gallery wall. If you wanted to make coasters with branch slices follow the same steps except when you print be sure to select “Custom Scale” and set to around 40% (depending on the size of your wood rings) on the print settings and you would definitely want to use a sealant.

FREE Customizable Place Cards and Thanksgiving Printable Transfer

If you’re attending but not hosting the big feast, a wood slice charger or a set of coasters with this design would make an easy gift for your host or hostess, too! You could also use printable iron-on transfer to put the design on a decorative towel or canvas, too — the sky is the limit!

No matter how you’re celebrating, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you can spend the day with those you love! <3

Click here to purchase this set of custom printable place cards.

More fall and Thanksgiving printables:

Thanksgiving Printable Place Cards For Custom Printed Name Cards #remodelaholic

We are so happy to be partnering with Canon to show you fun and easy print-at-home projects.  Printables make life easier, so please check out our printable library and pin and share your favorites. 

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Originally published 7 November 2017   //   Updated 13 November 2019

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