From Brown To White Lamp Redo

From Brown To White Lamp Redo
contributed by My Kids Eat Kale
How to update an old lamp2
Took some of this:
Updated painted lamp tutorial (1)
Applied it to this
($2.00 at the Salvation Army)
Updated painted lamp tutorial (2)
To get this
Updated painted lamp tutorial (3)
To go with this
(a $7 clearance at Target)
Updated painted lamp tutorial (4)
Helpful tip: tape up everything that you don’t want sprayed (like the entire cord) . 

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  1. >I have a lamp thats almost identical to this one! It needs to be re-wired though so its still sitting, waiting for some attention. I love seeing it all completed here. And what a fun shade!

  2. >You did a great job – the different is so big and the lamp now looks stylish and modern!


  3. >Wow!…I have to say that it wasn't very pretty in brown…there…I said it. But, now it's beautiful…I love it. So Fresh! Awesome!