The Ultimate Guide to Headboard Shapes

Circle, Arched, and Camelback Headboards

When you want to add a little bit of class, a little bit of style — curvy instead of square is the way to go!  A circle headboard has curves all around — the only flat edge is the one on the floor or behind the bed.

green ikat pattern circle upholstered headboard via House and Home
via House and Home

And these rounded headboards are just scalloped circles!

green scalloped circle tufted headboards via BHG
via BHG

Arched and camelback shapes have straight sides and curves on top. A basic arched headboard has just a simple curve from one side to the other:

simple arched patterened toile headboard via BHG
via BHG
basic arched headboard in linen, Sixty Fifth Avenue
tutorial at Sixty Fifth Avenue

And the gentle arch looks oh-so-good with some lovely wingback arms!

Great Headboards from the Utah Valley Home Show @remodelaholic
from the Utah Valley Home Show
arched wingback upholstered headboard in white via DecorPad
Alice Lane Home via DecorPad
arched patterned wingback headboard with nailhead trim via DecorPad
Adore Magazine via DecorPad

Or how about a reverse arch? Lovely!

reverse arched headboard with nailhead trim via DecorPad
Parker Kennedy Living via DecorPad

The camelback shape has a flatter curve on either side and builds to a taller curved arch in the middle.

white and nailhead camelback upholstered headboard via DecorPad
Caitlin Wilson Design via DecorPad
simple arched white headboard tutorial via Remodelaholic
tutorial by Little Mac Shack featured on Remodelaholic
camelback tufted headboard via DecorPad
Belmont Design Group via DecorPad

And a wing or two never hurt a good headboard…

light blue camelback tufted wingback headboard via DecorPad
Traditional Home via DecorPad

And these lovely inset camelback plank wood headboards add such texture to the room!

Great Headboards from the Utah Valley Home Show @remodelaholic
from the Utah Valley Home Show
Great Headboards from the Utah Valley Home Show @remodelaholic
from the Utah Valley Home Show

If you mix it up a little bit and add in a few other styles, you get some lovely headboards like these, creating what we’ll call a double scooped arch headboard

Headboard Shape Guide on
Coburn Architecture via Houzz
and an ornate camelback headboard:
Headboard Shape Guide on
Katie Ridder via Houzz

And these graduated camelback curves are gorgeous!

Great Headboards from the Utah Valley Home Show @remodelaholic
from the Utah Valley Home Show
Great Headboards from the Utah Valley Home Show @remodelaholic
from the Utah Valley Home Show

And what happens when you start getting creative with the corners of your headboard? Keep reading for beveled headboard styles and more!

See more headboard shapes and styles on the next page –>

IN THIS POST | Guide to Headboard Shapes

page 1: introduction to sizes and styles
page 2: basic flat (rectangle) headboards
page 3: circle, arched, and camelback headboards
page 4: scooped, inset, and beveled headboards
page 5: keystone, stepped, ogee, and peaked headboards
page 6: combination ornate headboards

The Remodelaholic Guide to Headboard Shapes -- almost 100 headboards organized by shape! #headboardweek

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  1. Hi Cassity and Justin my name is Rick and I am recently retired and I want to hold a head board and I want it to have a scalloped head board but I would like for it not to be upholstery but to have a wooden panel with a wooden molding to go across the top of the head board I also do not want this the molding to have any end grain showing at all I have some experience at
    cabinet making an I did it for all living over 44 years ago I also have I fairly well stocked woodshop to work at So U would also build this piece of furinture with the use of all the different types of major pieces of equipment available to me So I will also look at building this out of 3/4 – inch Walnut plywood plywood and the molding would be made out of solid walnut So any ideas u would have about this would be greatly appreciated Oh I will also try to download a pic of a head board that I like the shape of but where the upholstering is I would have the walnut plywood there Thank you Rick

  2. I am redecorating a bed room and have found your information on heights and widths of headboards most helpful. I am hoping you can help with some ideas with using a footboard for the headboard… My daughter has given me the footboard to her queen bed that she is no longer using. I am struggling to attach pictures, but I can share that the back edges are flat just the legs are too short. Also my email address is all lower case.

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