The Ultimate Guide to Headboard Shapes


Are you enjoying Headboard Week? I sure hope so — and I hope we’ve inspired you to DIY a headboard to be the focal point of a beautiful bedroom makeover! (If you’ve already DIYed one, come share it here at the link party, pretty please!)

One of the most difficult parts to making your own headboard is deciding what style you want — what fits the look and mood of the room, what fits your budget, etc. And headboard shapes can be SO overwhelming — and what do you even CALL that shape that you’ve really been dreaming of?

As we were looking for features and inspiration for Headboard Week, the same couple of graphics of headboard shape names kept popping up in our searches. But, upon further research, it appears that those names are proprietary, determined by the business or upholsterer selling the headboard. So what’s a Remodelaholic to do? Well, we decided to create our own basic headboard names to give us a common vocabulary to use when we talk about headboards! 🙂

The Remodelaholic Guide to Headboard Shapes -- almost 100 headboards organized by shape! #headboardweek

The Remodelaholic Guide to Headboard Shapes

Most of the headboards that we’ve included in this post as shape examples are upholstered headboards because they tend to come in the largest variety of shapes — plus they are an easy DIY candidate! And the beauty of making your own headboard means that you can take any of these shapes and make it whatever you want — from an upholstered headboard to a a simple flat wood cutout that’s been decorated like this (tutorial coming Saturday!)

curvy ornate keystone headboard tutorial via Remodelaholic
image via BHG — tutorial coming on Remodelaholic!
curved stepped keystone headboard in wood with nailhead trim, DIY on the Cheap
tutorial from DIY on the Cheap

a plank wood cutout like this (tutorial here)

curved camelback rustic wood headboard via Remodelaholic
The Accent Piece featured on Remodelaholic

or even a painted or vinyl headboard like these!

painted rectangle headboard via Alexandra Angle
Alexandra Angle
Headboard Shape Guide via Remodelaholic
Vanessa de Vargas via Houzz

Combine those options with other decorative options like tufting (great tutorial here)

tufted headboard tutorial via
tutorial by Orange Sugar via Remodelaholic

and then add nailhead trim — either in a straight outline

aqua flat rectangle headboard with double row of nailhead trim, Savvy Design West
Savvy Design West

or in a fun decorative pattern

Headboard Shape Guide via Remodelaholic
Kerrisdale Design via Houzz

or get even more creative and put larger studs around the sides of your headboard!

dropcloth camelback headboard with side nailhead trim, DIY Show Off
tutorial on The DIY Show Off

If studded nailheads aren’t your style, you can still add a border trim:

white rectangle headboard with red contrast trim via DecorPad
Liz Carroll Interiors via DecorPad

or give your headboard a whole lotta class by adding arms to make a wingback headboard!

coral upholstered headboard with curved arms, tutorial via Sarah M Dorsey Designs
tutorial via Sarah M Dorsey Designs
square winged tufted headboard in black by Sarah M Dorsey Designs
tutorial by Sarah M Dorsey Designs
tufted scalloped wingback headboard in black via DecorPad
The Ampersand Hotel via DecorPad

And then when you start to think about things like height and width and realize that your headboard can extend nearly to the ceiling:

Headboard Shape Guide on
Martin Patrick 3 via Houzz

and from wall to wall…

extra wide tufted headboard tutorial via Remodelaholic
tutorial from Home Coming featured on Remodelaholic (coming tomorrow!)
extra wide keystone headboard with arms and nailhead trim via Coastal Living
via Coastal Living

…it’s then that you realize that the sky is the limit, and that having a completely awesome headboard to be the focal point of your bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank, because we here at Remodelaholic have got your back with plenty of tutorials to show you how to DIY it.

So, now that I’ve blown your mind with the whole smorgasbord of options (sorry!), let’s get down to business and give you the things you really came here for — some explanations of headboard shapes. Ready? Let’s go!

See more headboard shapes and styles on the next page –>

IN THIS POST | Guide to Headboard Shapes

page 1: introduction to sizes and styles
page 2: basic flat (rectangle) headboards
page 3: circle, arched, and camelback headboards
page 4: scooped, inset, and beveled headboards
page 5: keystone, stepped, ogee, and peaked headboards
page 6: combination ornate headboards

The Remodelaholic Guide to Headboard Shapes -- almost 100 headboards organized by shape! #headboardweek

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  1. Hi Cassity and Justin my name is Rick and I am recently retired and I want to hold a head board and I want it to have a scalloped head board but I would like for it not to be upholstery but to have a wooden panel with a wooden molding to go across the top of the head board I also do not want this the molding to have any end grain showing at all I have some experience at
    cabinet making an I did it for all living over 44 years ago I also have I fairly well stocked woodshop to work at So U would also build this piece of furinture with the use of all the different types of major pieces of equipment available to me So I will also look at building this out of 3/4 – inch Walnut plywood plywood and the molding would be made out of solid walnut So any ideas u would have about this would be greatly appreciated Oh I will also try to download a pic of a head board that I like the shape of but where the upholstering is I would have the walnut plywood there Thank you Rick

  2. I am redecorating a bed room and have found your information on heights and widths of headboards most helpful. I am hoping you can help with some ideas with using a footboard for the headboard… My daughter has given me the footboard to her queen bed that she is no longer using. I am struggling to attach pictures, but I can share that the back edges are flat just the legs are too short. Also my email address is all lower case.