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Long time no project!  Okay, well technically that is the least true statement I have ever made on my blog.  What I mean is that I haven’t blogged about any projects in ages.  But I have an excuse, getting ready for the move, we were working for about 12 straight weeks, 16 hours a day finishing projects and packing up.  Now we’re moving in to our new home, starting new projects, but like my normal (slow) blogging self, I haven’t even shown you much of anything.  I just couldn’t do it all – so, I didn’t.


I feel good about letting myself have a blogging break, but now I am dying to show you what we’ve been doing (I don’t have a ton of time since our new house is SUCH a mess and I am about to go stark raving mad!  Downsizing by 1,000 feet can really challenge a person.  I keep thinking “Crap, am I a hoarder?”)


But before I get to far into new projects, I really need to show you what we’ve actually finished in our Texas house…. (it may actually get sort of unorganized around here with all the random different projects and posts that I am planning, I will try to give you a heads up about all that I am sharing.)


(after sneak peek!)

Half Bath preview


I thought I would start with the half bathroom.  I am digging deep for this people, I started it BEFORE I got pregnant with Lydia, and she is now 18 months old.  If you do the math, it has been over 2 years- and I still haven’t really blogged about it..ugh!


Well what can I say, procrastinate much?  YES! (ouch) the truth hurts.  Justin and I like to joke about this project. When I first started, I told my husband I just wanted to wrap up “a quick 1 week project” (people that is like putting a target on your back or driving a nail in your coffin… you know what I mean?!)


I started all full of hope and excitement.  I just wanted to throw down some new flooring, install a pocket door, put planks up on the wall, wrap the whole room in molding and paint (not too much… ha ha!).


We got the pocket door installed in a jiffy (Justin did that!).  I tiled the floor and began the plank wainscoting.  I wanted this project to be mostly all me- I don’t think my husband would mind me taking over a project or two, and shortening the honey-do list!  Mid project I ran out of the planks to put on the wall (a two man job to cut new pieces…)  Then SURPRISE!  I got pregnant.  Which for me equals 6 months of awful nausea -losing all my meals, 3 months of less but just as stinkin’ awful nausea and… and then a brand new baby and no sleep!  So my “quick” project… stretched out to 2 + years.  Hilarious, I know… ha.


ANYWAY… let me tell you about it.  I actually  posted about the new faucet we put in there…… but didn’t mention anymore.  Which means today, I need to show you what we started with, and then I will follow up with this:

  • How Justin installed the pocket door
  • How I tiled the inlaid rug flooring
  • Installing the horizontal plank wood walls
  • Adding gobs of molding, a new light
  • Caulk and paint (for 3 days straight) to ultimately finished the whole space FINALLY!


(the REALLY) Before Pictures:

This is the first picture I was able to take of this space when we walked through, and when we actually moved in.  The place was SO dirty… check out the mirror!  Very yellow, and not in a good way.

<KENOX S730  / Samsung S730>  The big move etc 255

<KENOX S730  / Samsung S730>


(the right) Before Pictures

For the first year we lived in the house, we tried not to spend any cash.  So I didn’t paint or anything, I just threw some things I had on the walls and floor, then called it done.  The pictures were from our half bath in Logan  and two shelves we purchased for our Asheville house and never actually used..  And this is what it looked like right before I started the actual remodel:

IMG_9852 (2)  IMG_9853 (2)

IMG_9851 (2)  IMG_9855

IMG_9856 (2)  IMG_9858 (2)

IMG_9859 (2)  IMG_9860 (2)

And here was our sweet little Buddy!  drinking out of the faucet… Sweet boy!  I miss him!


Okay… I will be back to show you the next step in a day or two!  But since this post is unfinished… please go check out the transformation of our first house from closet to 1/2 bath… it will help to tide you over, till the next installment!  It does my remodel loving heart good to see a transformation like this:

  Half 5   Half 40

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    1. Cassity mentioned the color in this post here scroll down to the middle and you will find a picture of the custom paint that was mixed. I hope that helps. We are glad that you love it.