17 Home Trends We Might Regret in 10 Years

In this ever-evolving landscape of home design, certain trends emerge, capturing our imaginations and influencing the way we shape our living spaces. However, not all trends stand the test of time.  Some fall out of favor quicker than anticipated, leaving us with homes that feel outdated or overdone like these 17 popular styles that may have us saying “déjà-ugh” in a decade.

We asked our Facebook audience their thoughts, to find out what trends they believe you might regret soon.  Do you agree? 

17. Mismatched Hardware Finishes:

Mismtach Furniture
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While mixing hardware finishes can add visual interest to a space, an overly eclectic approach may create a disjointed or chaotic feel. Homeowners may find themselves gravitating towards more cohesive hardware selections, opting for matching or complementary finishes throughout their home.

This shift towards uniformity can create a sense of harmony and sophistication, enhancing the overall design aesthetic.

16. Over-the-Top Accent Walls:

Accent Walls
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Accent walls have long been a popular way to introduce color and pattern into a room, but excessive or overly bold choices can overwhelm the space. Homeowners may reconsider the trend of dramatic accent walls in favor of more subtle or versatile design elements.

By opting for understated accents or incorporating patterns in smaller doses, homeowners can create a more balanced and timeless look that withstands changing design trends.

15. Farmhouse Style Houses in Subdivisions:

Farmhouse Style
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While farmhouse style homes initially evoke a sense of nostalgia and simplicity, their mass replication within subdivisions risks losing the very essence that made them charming. As these homes become ubiquitous, their uniqueness diminishes, leaving homeowners craving something more distinct.

The desire for authenticity may lead to a resurgence of interest in genuine farmhouses or a shift towards other architectural styles that offer a more personalized expression of individuality.

14. Too Much Gray Paint:

Gray Living Room
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The prevalence of gray in home design has undoubtedly contributed to its status as a modern classic. However, an over-reliance on this neutral hue can stifle creativity and fail to reflect the diverse personalities of homeowners.

As we strive to infuse our living spaces with more character and warmth, the pendulum may swing towards a broader spectrum of colors, allowing for greater self-expression and vibrancy within our homes.

13. Dark Veining in White Quartz:

Quartz Countertop
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The striking contrast of dark veins against a white background has been a hallmark of contemporary kitchen design. Nevertheless, the dramatic nature of this aesthetic may eventually lose its appeal as homeowners seek a more subdued elegance.

A shift towards softer, more subtle veining or alternative countertop materials could emerge as a response to the desire for a timeless yet sophisticated aesthetic.

12. Colored Kitchen Cabinets:

Green Cabinet
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While colored kitchen cabinets have injected personality into culinary spaces, their boldness can be polarizing and subject to changing tastes. As homeowners seek a balance between self-expression and longevity, the trend may veer towards classic neutrals with pops of color introduced through accessories or accent pieces.

This approach allows for versatility and adaptability as design preferences evolve over time.

11. Hanging Baskets on the Wall:

Wall Basket
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The trend of hanging baskets as wall décor has provided a unique way to incorporate greenery and texture into interior spaces. However, as with any trend, over-saturation can lead to fatigue and a desire for more minimalist aesthetics.

Homeowners may opt to integrate plants in more innovative ways or explore alternative wall décor options that offer visual interest without overwhelming the space.

10. Black Paints:

Black Living Room
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The allure of black paint lies in its ability to add drama and sophistication to any space. However, its overuse can create a sense of heaviness and make rooms feel smaller or closed off.

To maintain a balance between boldness and airiness, homeowners may experiment with lighter hues or incorporate black accents sparingly, allowing for versatility and adaptability as design preferences evolve.

9. Open-Floor Plan:

Open Floor Plan
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While the open-floor plan has been praised for its spaciousness and connectivity, its drawbacks are becoming more apparent with time. The lack of walls can lead to challenges in defining distinct living zones and maintaining privacy, especially in multi-functional spaces.

To create more intimate and adaptable environments, the pendulum may swing towards flexible layouts that offer the option to open up or divide spaces as needed.

8. Subway Tile:

3a Faux Painted Subway Tile Backsplash In The Kitchen 102915
Photo Credit: Sweet Parrish Place for Remodelaholic.

Subway tile’s clean lines and timeless appeal have made it a staple in kitchens and bathrooms for decades. However, its ubiquitous presence in modern homes risks oversaturation and a desire for more unique design elements.

Homeowners may explore alternative tile shapes, textures, or patterns to add visual interest and personality to their spaces while still embracing the durability and versatility of ceramic tile.

7. Black Windows:

Black Window
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The trend towards black-framed windows has added a touch of modern elegance to exterior facades. However, the uniformity of this trend may lead to homes feeling monotonous or lacking in character.

To inject personality and depth into their homes, consider mixing window frame colors or opting for alternative materials such as wood or bronze, offering a customizable and dynamic approach to window design.

6. Large Home, Small Yard:

Home With Yard
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While the allure of spacious homes may be undeniable, the trend towards large dwellings on small lots poses challenges in maximizing outdoor living spaces. As homeowners prioritize connection with nature and sustainable living, the emphasis may shift towards smaller, more efficiently designed homes with larger yards or dedicated outdoor areas.

This approach not only fosters a greater sense of community and connection with the environment but also encourages mindful use of resources and a more balanced lifestyle.

5. Barn Doors:

Diy Barn Door Design Ideas Double X Double Barn Doors For Wide Door Opening UV17 H13 Remodelaholic
Photo Credit: Home by Davies Design Build for Remodelaholic.

Once a charming rustic touch, barn doors have become a ubiquitous feature in modern homes, often used to partition spaces or conceal storage areas. However, their overuse may lead to practical drawbacks such as limited privacy, noise leakage, and difficulty in fully sealing off rooms.

Homeowners may find themselves reconsidering the trend in favor of more traditional doors that offer better functionality and insulation.

4. Edison Bulb Lighting:

Vintage Light
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The vintage-inspired Edison bulb has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, lending a nostalgic ambiance to modern interiors. However, as with many trends rooted in nostalgia, its appeal may fade over time, leaving spaces feeling dated or lacking in innovation.

Homeowners may seek out more energy-efficient and versatile lighting options that offer both style and sustainability without sacrificing functionality.

3. All-White Interiors:

All White Kitchen
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The crisp, clean look of all-white interiors has long been associated with modern elegance and minimalism. Yet, maintaining this aesthetic can be impractical and challenging, especially in households with children or pets.

The trend may shift towards more forgiving color palettes that embrace warmth and texture while still exuding sophistication.

2. Industrial Chic:

Industrial Home Design
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Industrial chic, characterized by raw materials, exposed structural elements, and utilitarian design, has captured the imagination of urban dwellers seeking a blend of urban grit and modern sophistication.

However, its stark aesthetic may feel too cold or impersonal for some, leading to a reevaluation of the trend in favor of softer, more inviting design elements that strike a balance between industrial edge and cozy comfort.

1. Overly Minimalist Design:

Minimalist Space
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The minimalist movement, with its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and decluttered spaces, has reshaped modern interiors in recent years. However, an overly minimalist approach can sometimes result in spaces that feel sterile or lacking in personality.

As homeowners strive to create environments that reflect their unique tastes and lifestyles, the trend may evolve towards a more eclectic and layered aesthetic that celebrates individuality and personal expression.

By striking a balance between current trends and timeless design principles, we can create spaces that stand the test of time.

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