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So great news thanks to all the help of my lovely readers, we won the Happy Home Resolution contest.  Which ultimately means you guys win,  5 readers in fact have the chance to win a $50 giftcard each to HomeGoods!  YAY!

HomeGoods recently conducted a national survey and found that 93% of Americans felt a room’s décor can positively or negatively affect someone’s mood, but 54% of Americans haven’t made the décor changes they want because they feel it’s too expensive… (but not if you have a giftcard to help you out!!!)!   So, they came up with Happy Home Resolution, to show how easy and affordable it is to make  small home décor that can boost your mood:

Six Easy and Affordable Updates That Can Boost the Happiness In Your Home!!

 1.       Incorporate Personal touches: Half of those surveyed say they had at least one room in their home that felt unfinished, even though it is fully furnished.  I know I have felt this way before, anyone else wanna raise their hand?  Simply, choosing décor touches that reflect your personal style will help create that finished look you’ve been dreaming of.  When you are done, don’t be surprised if every time you enter that room you have a smile on your face!

2.       Bedrooms can benefit most from small changes:  Did you know, that the bedroom most negatively impacts people’s moods?!  Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed!   Nearly half of those surveyed, who’d like to improve their décor felt that the bedroom would benefit most from small changes.  Don’t look at the whole room and get overwhelmed.  Think about easy updates that don’t’ involve excessive amounts of time or money. Refreshing your bedding, swapping out your lamps, or just adding some colorful pillows can help make your room a happier place without breaking the bank.

3.       Better lighting makes a big difference: Living in a cave is for Neanderthals, don’t be stuck in the dark!   Out of those of us that have a room that makes them feel bad, half felt that better lighting could improve their moods. With shorter fall days and daylight savings time, the right lighting is key, so choose lamps with personality and style to boost your mood.

4.       Decorative accents can provide a boost of happy: Sometimes we feel like our room lacks character and that makes us feel negativity for a space.  But the survey says that lots of people felt that adding decorative accessories would have a positive impact on their mood. Each room of your home is an opportunity to create a unique space – bring in bold decorative accessories that are unique and surprising to make a room feel fresh.

5.       Pops of color can boost happiness: Amen.  I LOVE color!  And color as a definite impact on our feelings in a space.  Updating a color palette could have a positive impact on our moods.   There are tons of ways to add color to a room.  You can try of painting, or even more simple (and changeable I might add) bring in color though pillows, glassware, wall art, throws and accent furniture.  If you are afraid of color, try adding one color at a time, and don’t forget to give yourself time to grow accustomed to the change before taking it out of the room!!

6.       Stylish solutions to organizing your home:  Don’t we all have a space or area that needs organizing?  The survey found that organizational solutions would have the greatest positive impact.  But don’t just think of a cardboard box to contain the mess,  at least wrap that box in some cute gift wrapping paper.  Try to think or find fashionable and functional storage solutions can lift your mood while making a significant style statement (not to mention clean up the junk…

Easy Rustic wall shelves Tutorial

And #6 is what I was working on!  Taking my embarrassingly messy desk and creating a space that I could actually be happy to work at.  Surprisingly, the budget for this project was low.  HomeGoods provided a $250 gift certificate for the project.  That covered the cost of two new chairs, and some great new decor to keep me happy with the look of my space(but I could have spent less and still made a huge difference!!1).   I used a lot of items I had around the house, and continued using a bunch of stuff that was already buried on my desk, I just had to find it first!  I created a hack version of expensive wall shelves…  

The kicker to this project was that I only had about 2 1/2 days to finish everything about it.  But I have to admit that after waiting a whole year to get settled in my office I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner!

I thought it would be fun to give you a highlight of all that was accomplished by the other bloggers participating, (in no particular order…)!  They did amazing things!!!   And I know you can glean some great inspiration from the work they did in their homes!


Sarah of  Thrifty Decor Chick updated the decor on the mantel in her bedroom.   The change is simple but significant,  and oh that mirror!!



Emily at Decor Chick created a new living room seating area inspired by the awesome paisley chair she found!  



Mayann of Domestically Speaking created the sweetest little mudroom space, and I triple love those metal wall organizer…



Chris of Just a Girl, helped accessorize a corner in her living room!  It looks so fabulous now, and I would be happy if that painting where in my house!


Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage, created a lovely mixed metal lounge space with tips on how you can do the same!


Ashlina of the Decorista created an industrial chic console vingette, I love the industrial chic floor lamp she found!

decorista emtry


Cassie at Hi Sugarplum showed us how to style a coffee table 6 different ways!!  Great  advice and examples, so you can really see how to get the look you want!

how to style a coffee table


Lindsey of Better After gave her bedroom some simple elegant style with just a few decorative pieces, that really make a difference.



Jennie of The Shopping Mama added some pops of color to brighten up here living room!  I love me some color people!

pops of color


Laura of the Turquoise Home created a cozy reading corner, just in time to snuggle up with a book on a cold fall night! 



Didn’t everyone do a FABULOUS job!  Now do you see what can be done with a small budget?  I sure hope so!   And I hope that the five winners of HomeGoods $50 giftcards have a great time shopping!!!  Please enter through the Rafflecopter widget below.  (if the widget doesn’t show up, just click on the link to a rafflecopter giveaway.  No comments left on the blog will be entered into the giftcard drawing.  


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  HomeGoods is supplying the giftcards for the giveaway because I won the Happy home resolutions blogger project.  I did not receive monetary compentsation for this post.

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    1. Through the rafflecopter widget (which should load at the bottom of the post, or click on the rafflcopter link, and follow the instructions!! Good Luck

  1. $50 giveaway would be so awesome to receive. We are closing on our new house next month and I need the extra money to decorate!!:)

  2. I love the office in the browns – looks relaxing and very country. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of the gift cards.

  3. I’m having trouble getting the entry to take, it says Aw, shucks. We didn’t get your entry. Plz try again. Anyone else?