Jewelry Drawer Dividers

Sarah at The Ugly Duckling House made a nice change to her jewelry drawer using dividers and some color for interest.

Jewelry is a wearable form of art, and yet I treat it like junk.  It lives cramped and crumpled in a decorative bowl beside my bed… lost inside our overnight bags… in purses I didn’t bother to clean out when switching to a new one… laying around in the bathroom, etc.  

Time to rangle them up and take inventory of what I have, so at the very least, I don’t buy the same earrings again.

Thanks to my new dresser, our master closet is no longer overflowing with mounds of clean laundry with no place to store.  Clothing that used to be crammed into every square inch now has breathing room, and I can begin to create new functional spaces for my smaller items… like my neglected jewelry.

One drawer in particular sits in the back of my closet unused and would be perfect for jewelry storage.  It sits at the right height and is shallow enough not to force me into a search-and-rescue mission each morning as I’m accessorizing for the day (deep drawers are to jewelry what the dryer is to socks).

I went in search of organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond, with a mound of 20% coupons (and probably an earring or two) in my purse .

How do I have so many coupons, you ask?  Because I regularly save them each month as a new one arrives in the mail, and you should too.  The expiration dates on them are competely bogus – BB&B still honors them, even if they are a year old!  Same goes for their $5 off coupons that you see in magazines or on the backs of their newspaper inserts.  And they accept coupons for everything, including already clearanced items. Note:  I was not compensated for saying this, I just think it’s neat when a store honors old coupons used by procrastinators like me.

I found two canvas organizers that I thought would fit perfectly into the drawer and took them home.  I’ll admit, I didn’t measure a thing before I went shopping, so the fact that they didn’t fit exactly the way I expected is my own fault.  While the length of each organizer fits snugly, the drawer is too wide, which leaves a gap in the middle.

I found a solution though, which you will see in the below after pics.

The canvas organizers are great, but not exactly pretty.  So, I rummaged through my paper collection (from scrapbooking) for something that I could use to line the bottoms of each compartment.  I initially wanted to avoid choosing busy paper, since the main purpose in all of this was to make finding small pieces of jewelry easier.  But, after re-stumbling upon (don’t you love it when you find things you already own?) this gift wrap, I thought it was perfect!

The gap in the middle that was created by the two organizers would need to be papered as well, but since I didn’t have a sheet large enough to fit the length of the entire drawer AND fill each compartment, I needed only to cover the space that is seen when the organizers are in place.  The gap was just wide enough for two pairs of sunglasses, which you can see below.

I thought about gluing the paper in place, but I thought it might be fun to change the look every now and again, so I just let them be.  The weight of the jewelry pieces hold each of the paper corners down, so I never need to worry about them curling back up.

I liked the way this looked so much, I lined two more small drawers which Scott and I both use (on our respective sides of the closet) for belt storage.



There you have it.  A pretty tweak on an otherwise blah organized space.  Maybe for once, I’ll actually get to wear my jewelry instead of losing it!

Very nice and fun!  I could use a little order with some of those things myself.  How do you like it?

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  1. >What a great idea! I was just on my way to go buy some wrapping paper… looks like i'll have to buy an extra roll of something cute!

  2. >Cute! As for the BB&B coupons. MOST stores take expired ones. Once in awhile I run across one that does not. You can also use 5 per transaction (1 per item of course) so long as they're the 20% off ones. My local stores are funny about the $5 and $10 off ones. I usually just do a separate transaction with those. They also never follow the "restrictions" at the bottom. They work for everything. Love that store!